Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cool'n Kitsch

Here are a few finds from ages ago....
Including this kitsch owl thermometer, it's missing the original spoons in the branch, but I don't mind.
He matches another one I have with a different style thermometer thing.

A small West German pottery vase from Lifeline

During a visit to Retro Metro at Paddington I unearthed my first square dance style frock for $5. 
These always seem to have tiny waists, so I was happy to find one in a larger size.

I don't even know why these had to come home with me.
Something about musical animals I think!
Kitsch is hard for me to leave behind.
Old Japanese made figurines - Salvos

I had a weird de-ja-vu moment with this genie bottle. Just before I entered the op shop I said to myself, "I'd love to find a genie bottle one day". Lo & behold there was one on display, the same style as the blue one I have that belonged to my Nana.

Genie bottle - Lifeline


  1. I found a set of unused NZ native flowers coasters in a charity shop yesterday - rare find in cardiff. One of them is Kowhai, which was my 'house' for sports day at school in Upper Hutt. £2 well spent ( and we needed coaters).

  2. I love a genie bottle. I only have one and I'm kicking myself for throwing one out years ago before I appreciated their genius (see what I did there?)

  3. Ooh, that genie bottle would go very nicely with the one I've got and my little amber glass collection!
    Love the frock and the kitschy critters! xxx

  4. Love the art glass, that would fit perfectly into my collection, too! Can't wait to see you in that dress. x

  5. Great dress Hun, the floral fabric looks rather fimilar to the print on a skirt end jacketmsetmi bought off you.

  6. Huzzah, welcome to Square Dance Frocks Anonymous, I hope!!!
    G and I have a fine (and large) collection of genie bottles, still in storage since the earthquakes. We love 'em! This is a beauty. We have it in amber, red, orange and blue, I think...can't remember. We need a big windowsill for them!
    I am BESOTTED with your amazing twin lamp in the far corner behind the genie bottles...SWOON!

  7. I was so excited to get a peek into your living room. :o) I love seeing how people decorate their houses, how they "match" or not with how I thought they'd be.


  8. Cant wait to see a post with you in your new dress, it's lovely

  9. I love your dress, but specially like the little snap of your living room. Lovely! x

  10. I think my nana had a couple of those genie bottles too - I wonder where they went when she passed away (not to me sadly - I wasn't really into vintage then). I think that's pretty much the best square dancing frock I've ever seen!


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