Friday, 6 June 2014

Listen to the wind blow, watch the sunrise

I've got to admit I would never have worn this frock a couple of years ago. All that fabric! Thankfully I'm more adventurous now, & with a few less kilos it looks less mushroomy on me. I wore it to my specialist appointment, & my dear doctor asked if he could touch the fabric, he was so taken with it. It's a dress I found on the front lawn of a garage sale. The fabric just makes me feel happy.....faux patchwork with my favourite colours. 

We ran out of time for a proper accessories shot, these zoomed in pics will have to do.

Outfit Details.....

Vintage maxi dress - Garage sale
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Blue bird brooch - Op shopped
Enamel bangle & vintage ring - Op shopped
Red bag - Belonged to my elderly friend Betty
Shoes & sunnies - Retail 

There ain't been much op shopping or frocking up happening as I've rarely left the house in the past 2 weeks due to catching 2 new bugs on top of my 4 chronic infections (which include 2 strains of pneumonia) wonder I'm a germ-a-phobe! I'm really hoping my 40th doo in 2 weeks time will be able to go ahead. Ah the fun of living with a chronic neuro-immune condition. I'm chomping at the bit to get back to my normal level of chronically cruddy! It's kinda funny that feeling worse makes you grateful for that!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Xx


  1. I really wish your illness would just go away!! Boooo!! Anyway, that dress is a perfect fit! Very flattering!

  2. Loving the faux patchwork frock, so glad you've now got the confidence to wear it. It shows off your figure a treat.
    Hope those nasty germs and viruses do one in time for you to enjoy your birthday! xxx

  3. Oh oh sweet I hope you are feeling better do look so very pretty in that fantastic dress.
    Take care sweet. Love v

  4. Sorry to hear how ill you have been, I hope things pick up for you soon. That dress is gorgeous, I love that patchwork print.

  5. I'm amazed you made it out of the house, let alone looking like you just stepped off a yacht party hosted by Aristotle Onassis!!! That is one incredible frock, it has to be my favourite on you so far ... gorgeous!! Warm hugs to you dearest. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

  6. I love the dress - and I love your courage even more. Hope those nasty infections go away and don't come back. Big hugs, xx

  7. Good luck with all those horrible bugs and infections. Even when you must feel terrible you look fabulous! That dress is a fun and happy gem. XXX

  8. I hope you're on the mend and feel back to your usual self in time for your special day.
    This dress is lovely. x

  9. Love that dress, the skirt is truly amazing. I'm glad you are enjoying the benefits of your nw shape! Sorry to hear about your ongoing health probs in your last few posts, that's no fun. Hope you can recover from the latest complications and have a wonderful birthday party. I can't believe you are still able to wear summer dresses, here in Sydney the temperature doesn't look like it will reach 20 at all this coming week. It will have to get cooler for you now, surely? Here I'm in full winter gear, boots, leggings and all. Brrr. Have a good week.

  10. That dress is an absolute beauty, and you, my dear Leisa, are a bloody trooper. I cannot imagine how hard iot is for you when your health breaks down. I'm so sorry it's been a really rough patch, and hope things improve so you can enjoy your birthday do. xxx

  11. Your frock is lovely. Can't wait to see what you wear for your 40th celebration. And BTW, how do you manage to look SO young?!

  12. I am so sorry you have been so sick :( It's not fair having to deal with all the day to day sickness and then getting more sickness on top. I love you in this frock, its so striking and I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better!

  13. What a gorgeous dress - the colours and faux patches! Sorry to hear you haven't been well. I hope you are better by the time you come to NZ.


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