Friday, 13 June 2014

Like a bluebird with his heart removed

This is one of the first frocks in my collection. I bought it at the Paddington Vinnies for a few dollars. I do like a zipper front dress, and collars always appeal too.

 Outfit Details.....

Vintage dress - Op shopped @ Vinnies
Deer brooch - Erstwhilder
Crystal brooch - Belonged to my elderly friend Betty
Round ring - A weird shop in Dunedin
Bird bracelet - Crafted in New Zealand
Gold bracelet & brown ring - From my childhood
Blue bracelet - Gift
Tooled leather bag - Op shopped @ Salvos
Vintage boots - Op shopped 
Belt, socks & sunnies - Retail


  1. Such a cute dress. I love the way you've paired it with the boots and ankle sox. That first picture is just great!

  2. That dress is amazing up close! I love the way you take a dress that many would leave behind and turn it into a fun outfit that looks great. Super-cute deer brooch ...

  3. The socks and brogues re just brilliant with that dress, you look like a proper indie chick. Love the print on your dress and how tiny your waist looks with the added belt. That bag is just gorgeous! xxx

  4. Vix has said what I was thinking - cool indie girl! Love the colours of the dress, and the tan leather accessories, you look fabulous, Leisa! xxx

  5. Lovely dress and that brooch is just darling. All together a very cute look! XXX

  6. I agree with the comments about the lovely pattern and colours of this dress. The boots, bag and belt are are look with this dress especially as there is a brown colour in the chevron pattern.

  7. I love the print of this dress and it looks so good with the brown accessories. You look great!

  8. Zipper front dresses are always good for me. I'm SO busty I make buttons scream!

  9. Such a great dress, love it with those shoes and that deer brooch is PERFECT!

  10. Another lovely dress. And I do like those leather boots. x

  11. Fabulous outfit! Those boots are wonderful. Lally X


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