Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bedroom Clutter and a Starburst Clock

I found this little cupboard thing at Salvos a while back. I thought it might be useful for storing my makeup & hair stuff, because I have to sit in front of the mirror to do my face & hair seeing as I can't stand still for long because of my dicky heart. It's also useful as another surface to store my jewellery collection, which is rather out of control! At the rate it keeps growing I'm going to need a dedicated jewellery room.

And for some reason I haven't ever posted about this 1960's teak Junghans starburst clock that I got ages ago from the Creative Treasures Market.
 Don't ask me why but I have a bit of a thing for clocks, especially the starburst variety. I think they are beautiful. I could have an entire wall full of them. It's not running at the moment because it needs the mechanism replaced, but apart from that she is a beauty. And she was only $35.
Junghans is Germany's largest clock manufacturer which was created in 1861 & is still making clocks & watches today.


  1. Is that whole cabinet full of jewellery? Crazy but starburst loving heart loves your starburst clock, I too could have a wall of them.

  2. I love a starburst clock too. I only have one, and it doesn't keep time at all, but I don't mind. Neither do I!
    Gorgeous little cabinet, but yes, your jewellery will require its own room before long! Hope you are feeling a little stronger, Leisa. xxx

  3. I love a starburst clock, too - in fact I've got a couple! I might have to flog one of them, they're going for silly money here at the moment and mine only cost £1 and £2.50 respectively.
    How tidy are your bangles? I'm in awe! x

  4. Look at how organized and tidy your jewelry area is! I really like your folding box and that clock is such a beauty score. I have never even seen one for sale here.
    Take care of yourself dear!

  5. Sta burst clocks are definitely back in home decor again, my Mom had a large gold one
    My husband use to poor lighter fluid in clocks to get the parts moving again, it works because I have since tried it on a watch and it works now

  6. I know exactly what you mean abt starburst clocks - or any clock for that matter! Xx

  7. I think a wall full of starburst clocks would look amazingly cool!

  8. I love the starburst clock! I have always wanted one :) Your treasures are so neatly displayed...mine are such a disaster area, I always think I should tidy them up.....but life is too short ;)


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