Friday, 16 May 2014

I've got one hand in my pocket

I've never worn either of these pieces before. I got the 60's shift dress at a tiny church run op shop for $3 back in Feb. It had strange inbuilt bra cups which I cut out. I wasn't sure if the colours were really me, but I do adore navy so I went for it. The jacket is a brushed cotton fabric from Christchurch in New Zealand. I bought it at an op shop with Queen Helga last year. It has two pockets and a tie waist. Ir could probably be worn as a dress if I could do up the buttons. I think the real reason I put this outfit together was because of my new granny shoes. I found them last week at Salvos for $4. Full leather & never worn before with a dainty heel. I know they aren't to everyone's taste being rather 80 year old lady style, but I love them.
Oh how I love being all matchy-matchy.

 Outfit Details.....

60's shift dress - Op shopped
Jacket/dress as jacket - Op shopped in New Zealand
Bath mat bag - Op shopped
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinsons @ Tarras in New Zealand
Old rings - One from childhood & one from the WAC
Sunglasses & tights - Retail
Vintage shoes - Op shopped


  1. super cute outfit! I especially have to find a handbag like adorable!

  2. I love granny shoes. And that print dress with the tweedy coat ~ just brilliant!

  3. Dear god I love the mix of prints and pinky red colours in this riotous, sensational outfit!!!!!! You've tickled me to bits with this combo and I love the shoes, they look fabulous with everything you're wearing! LOVE!!!! xoxoxooxoxxoxxo

  4. I LOVE this, Leisa! The dress and coat are an inspired pairing, you look fabulous.
    Now let's go get a coffee - nothing fancy, apart from us, of course! xxx

  5. Fantastic outfit from the coat down to the shoes! the print of the dress is insanely fabulous and I adore those tape measure bangles. xxx

  6. OMG I think this is now my favourite outfit - I just love love love the jacket and the dress! Fabulous accessorising as usual. Hope you are having a great weekend, xxxx

  7. Love the colour combo! But wow, that jacket looks completely different close-up to what I would have expected. I would have snapped up those shoes, too, very cute.

  8. What wonderful print mixing! The bath mat bag makes me giggle, but it's just too cute!!!

  9. What a dreamy print combo. Would you believe I was criticised last week for wearing checked tights with a flowered dress? What a boring world we would have if everyone dressed the same!

  10. I think this would have to be my favourite outfit of yours. EVER! I am in love with the colours, the prints, the bag and those awesome shoes. XXX


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