Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I do love a collectibles fair!

The Captain & I ran away to the Sunshine Coast again this past weekend to go to the Caloundra Antique Fair. The fair is held in a basket ball stadium, & there are lots of sellers & treasures up for sale. 

There was a Royal Doulton loo for sale for $500...Imagine the use that's had since 1880!

I LOVE this tin. Bit too pricey for me at $30

We did bring this shelf home with us. It's for the Captains model aircraft collection. I love it's mid century legs and staggered shelves.

How cute are these Jiffy shoes in the original packaging. Only $4

This pair of Snappy Snail salt & pepper shakers by Enesco from the 50's were my only purchase

Those faces!!! Strange but sweet!

The Captain had to bring at least one plane home

I found this red glass jar thing the previous weekend at Salvage Designs...a new little vintage store on the Coast. Prices are really reasonable. This only cost $5 & it matches my orange one.

This is where they sit with my large jars and my favourite old disco lamp, which really deserves it's own post one day.

A lady having a garage sale was getting rid of her vintage clothing collection with each piece between $2 and $5, so I picked up a few things seeing as there ain't been much vintage worth paying for at my local op shops. I love the print of this 'David' dress and jacket. The waist was a bit low for my liking so I cut the top and skirt across the waist and took up the top a bit, before sewing it back together. A bit ambitious for a novice like me, but it has improved the shape.

A handmade maxi dress with a sweet rolled collar which I wore to the fair

 At Salvos I picked up this blue jacket, which I have shortened.

So that's about it from the picture perfect Sunshine Coast! Not one person was swimming in that incredible water due to our Queensland temperatures plummeting to 21 degrees (70F)! Instead the scarves & beanies were out in full force which always makes me laugh.


  1. That dress you're wearing is gorgeous, you look amazing in maxis. Love the groovy blouse and knitted jacket, too.
    The snails are too cute. I'd have snapped up those glass jars, too. xxx

  2. You look just lovely! You always wear the most lovely prints. I can imagine that your wardrobe must be an incredible splash of colour and pattern. The fair looks great. I especially love those little Jiffy Shoes! Sweet little shakers too!

  3. Scarves and hats in 70 degree warmth? That's hilarious!
    Love the print of your maxi, you look beautiful in it, Leisa. Nice work with the alterations too - get us, sewing!
    The shelves are very stylish, and the little snails are adorable. Even when you don't buy much, it's always fun to browse, isn't it? xxxx

  4. That maxi dress is really wonderful. I love wacky salt and pepper shakers so I am so happy that you took a couple snails home with you. Always a good time with the little Bird Girl <3

  5. I must echo Lucy In the Sky, you wear the BEST prints!!! My favorite Maxi skirt is my vintage one with colors and a print you just can't find in the mall. :o)


  6. Those snails are so cute and the maxi you are wearing is lovely. You always find the best clothes. How cold has it got in the last week .My slippers are on but I haven't pulled the beanies out yet hehehe

  7. Wish I was able to go this fair. If there's another pair of that cute snails, I'll surely buy it. You got a lovely maxi dress. I sooo like the print. I love vintage dresses and just recently I found a nice shop to go for vintage dresses.

  8. I'd be in that water like a shot - as long as there are no killer jellyfish. Please tell me there's no killer jellyfish!

  9. Love those salt and pepper shakers, too cute! What an amazing fair! I love the dress you wore, you are one good scout for vintage dresses, I never see anything like that around here. Thanks for visiting my blog, and your lovely comments re my surgery. Good to have a new bloggy friend. Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Your taste in prints is so good that when out op-shopping I sometimes ask myself "would VBG buy this print?" if I am dithering. But pickings have been slim around here lately.

  11. Oh I love the print on the maxi - I would SO wear that! Also the fair looks lovely and I really love your wee snail friends :)


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