Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Duck Duck Green

The Captain & I had to go to the North side of Brissy for something. He was even keener then me to drop into some op shops along the way. Bless him! At Salvos I found this lovely wooden jewellery/music box with accordian fold out bits. It's got two engraved & painted ducks on the top. Made in Japan. It cost $8
I obviously need another jewellery storage thingy in my life.

At Endos I picked up this green vintage travel clock by the Japanese brand Tokyo Tokei. 
I didn't expect it would work for the tiny amount I paid, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear it tick away & keep good time.

My all time favourite Endos store at Paddington. They specialize in vintage clothing.
We call Endeavour stores Endos around here.

The downstairs vintage section

The bric-a-brac wall

And across the road the Vinnies store has had a revamp. Unfortunately so have the prices.

But I fell madly & deeply in LURVE with this green lounge suite. It has a matching 3 seater too. 
Not sure if vinyl would get kind of sticky in a Queensland summer.

A display outside of Endos

And my favourite buy in quite a while was these navy leather granny shoes. Old but never worn. 
I know kind of ugly, but oh so lovable in my eyes. Especially when I can't walk in a heel, this old lady heel is just right. I'll fit right in at the pharmacy now with the Nana's waiting for their prescriptions.
They were $4 at Salvos.

And I had an exciting little gift to open from my blog friend Trees. She's lucky to be a New Zealand girl, & knowing how much we love the place she sent me these gorgeous bird tourist spoons.
They tick all the boxes....old, birds, and my beloved NZ.

Thank you lovely Trees. 
Fingers crossed we get to have a play date on our upcoming NZ trip. Xx


  1. Oh my gosh the Nanna shoes are fantastic!!!!!! I have been on the hunt for a great pair of navy shoes for ages.....let's hope that I might find some at 'vintage love' in Melbourne this weekend......eeekkkk I am so excited to be crossing over to Aussie land.....will be thinking of you sweet.
    Sending happiness to you....love v

  2. I love that plaid pinafore on the mannequin I hope it hasn't sold cause I'm going for a visit on my rdo.

  3. Love love love those nanna shoes - they look lovely! :)

  4. Those shoes are fab, the young hipsters always buy them if I have any on the stall - I'd keep them if they were ever in my size! Those chazzas look very posh compared to our local ones! x

  5. Lovely cantilevered box, how pretty. I was going to say the same as Vix, our charity shops never display anything that nicely! Great Nanna shoes, and what a sweet gift from Trees. Now, Leisa, are you going to have a go at that pattern? Go on, do it, do it! xxxx

  6. What chic navy shoes! One of the things I love about vintage shoes is the sensible heel, non of this towering madness of modern shoes. That being said, wore heels more on the towering side my last post. :o)


  7. Kitty and Desiree took me to Paddo, and I loved both of those oppies! AND the Antique Centre...Paddo is generally gorgeous, too!
    I want the lounge suite, and the darling green clock you scored...the shoes are also divoon! Bless the Captain for taking you there! he knows what makes you tick, that one! XXXXXXX

  8. I think those shoes are swell! I also love that little alarm clock - cutest one I've ever seen!

  9. really cool finds! i can see myself wearing those shoes while lounging out on one of those green armchairs while checking the time on my tokyo tokei clock :) great stuff.

  10. Yah!! I am so happy those spoons FINALLY arrived and you love them :D I love those nana shoes as well, I have a stand up desk at work so I rarely wear heels, but I reckon I could rock a nana heel. Lets make our playdate in September happen!!


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