Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Two Essentials....Shoes and Sunglasses

I kinda have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I love them on one hand, but I hate the fact that my feet are so picky, especially since tearing my posterior tibial tendon in my foot some years ago as a result of a medication I was on that has a side effect of weakening tendons. So I can't walk in anything high, or too low. I need a supportive sole. I have many ornamental shoes, that are okay for sitting down things, but not for walking far. I seem to buy more shoes at op shops lately then at retail stores, & I guess when they cost around $3 I'm not risking much if I can't wear them. I found these two brogue style leather shoes. The brown ones were $3 & the grey pair were $1.50. They still have the original price tag on at $278. Thanks Salvos!

I found a pair of red Zierra pumps last week at Salvos. No signs of wear. So they are ornamental shoes for me, despite the supportive sole. But I needed some red ornamental shoes.

No love/hate for sunglasses. I only have love for these. I do have quite a collection of sunnies thanks to someone in the optical industry, but I still look out for vintage sunnies at the op shops, & rarely come across them. I found these two pairs from a nursing home op shop. No scratches, gorgeous condition. 80's era. 

A dear older lady passed on these old glasses to us before she threw them out.
They date back to around 1900 & belonged to her Grandmother. They are so delicate, I can't believe they've lasted this long.

 This is a pair I've had for a while now

I guess these spectacles would be classed as ornamental too!


  1. I love old specs and vintage sunnies, I sat on my beloved turquoise 1970s pair last summer and broke them so am on the hunt or a similar crazy pair.
    Your poor feet. hat sounds nasty. Good that there's plenty of comfy secondhand choice out there! x

  2. I love love love those first two pairs of shoes in particular, but the red one will feel entirely festive on your feet. Old specs are also a love, although I don't have any. I can't believe the specs from the woman's grandmother.

  3. I have a fair few pairs of vintage sunglasses too; I definitely had similar cats eye styles in the 1980s but they got lost, broken or thrown out over the years, sadly. And shoes - oh I hear you, for walking any distance, I have to be comfortable these days, and I can't always find what I'm after in charity shops... But new shoes are sooooo expensive, so I keep looking! xxx

  4. My feet are picky too and I have trouble with my arches but I have found some vintage dancing shoes that feel fab all day long. I love those brogues, and what bargains as well. Gotta love groovy sunnies - you can never have too many pairs. XXX

  5. I have to say that more and more I look to supportive shoes..love my heels, but they are starting to play havoc with my feet!!! Luckily I cycle most places and don't need to walk far!!! I find Zeira, formerly known as Kimfs, really good. Those brogues are pretty spunky!!!
    Great scores, and the sunnies/glasses are amazing, especially the tortoise shell ones! Love a bit of faux tortoise shell!

  6. I loooove the first two pair of shoes and those antique glasses are a real treasure!

  7. Such cool finds, I love the first two pair of shoes as well! My sunglass/ shoe collection is getting quite out of hand :)
    xo Hannah

  8. I really love that second pair of shoes, they look amazing. I stand at my job, I have an office job, but I get a sore back from sitting all day so have a stand up deak, so no fancy shoes for me either :(


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