Friday, 25 April 2014

Tangled Up in Green

So a while ago my dearest Mum made me a dress out of a 1960's pattern that I found at an op shop. The first dress was for practice really, although I have worn it a lot these past couple of months. The style is my favourite kind of frock style....a simple shift dress that's not too tight or loose. On Easter Saturday I spent the day at Mum's looking on as she made the dress. The main body of the dress seemed easy enough, but the square neckline is really difficult. For some odd reason the facing doesn't seem to match the outer fabric, & it seems far too small for the neckline. But with a bit of improvising & hair-tearing it turned out well. 

Just as Mum was almost finished her sewing machine started acting up, with the dog feed thingo not feeding the fabric through. I hope that will be an easy fix. The neckline ended up being a bit wide, so I tweaked that myself by taking it in a bit. I also sewed the straps. But Mum did the majority of the work. I still feel that zips & facings are a bit beyond me, but I hope to try it myself one day.

The fabric is a weighty cotton that I bought at the WAC sometime ago for $5. It was still in the original packaging from Target. Even I can't remember when Target sold fabric!
The colour & print is pretty perfect in my eyes. Kermit green paisley with a touch of added ric-rac.

I'm not sure whether to call this dress vintage? Considering it's a vintage pattern made in vintage fabric but constructed in 2014. Big thanks to my Mum for all her time & effort in making it. It's even more special knowing it's been made just for me.

Outfit Details.....

60's dress - Made by Mum & me
Green tie waist - From a cardigan
Enamel brooch - Cassie's Corner
Typewriter bracelet - Etsy
Green bracelet & earrings - Op shopped
Button ring - Dolly Did It
Tooled bag - Op shopped @ Salvos
Shoes & sunnies - Retail

We're headed away for the weekend seeing as the Captain scored an extra long weekend off work.
I hope you all have a good one! Xx


  1. Oh bless your mum! What a beauty of a frock - the fabric is perfect :) I love that chunky ric rac!

  2. What's not to love about your frock, green and paisley and fits your perfectly it's a delight. So nice that your mum worked on this frock for you and by the sounds of it was a joint project. I'm sure you were having some laughs throughout the process. Perhaps you need to coin a new phrase for a frock that's made from vintage fabric with a vintage pattern.

  3. I wish fabric still cost 99c. The price of fabric is what made me give up on making my own clothes. I should check out more op shops for bargains.

  4. What an awesome fabric and a great dress made from it. And it sounds like a fun way to spend Easter Saturday too.

  5. Well done, Mum! It's a gorgeous frock, beautiful pattern and fabric.
    Tell me about how tricky dressmaking is.. It looks easy and it really isn't! xxx

  6. Oh that is fantastic.......well done mummy. The fabric is perfect.
    Yay a new.....old.....vintage......just v

  7. The bliss of a Mum made frock! My Mama was a good self taught seamstress.
    Fabularse fabric, and such a cute pattern! I think you'll need a lot more versions of this!

  8. I didn't know Target ever sold fabric!

    I'm thinking you should call the dress a "Brand New Vintage!" :o)

  9. So lovely that you could watch your Mum sewing and work on this project together. I love this dress - it is so you!!! Giant ricrac (darn it google keeps trying to change the spelling) and the belt are the perfect finish. I hate facings too which is why most of what I sew has a round neck. I think this dress will always have a special place in your heart because it is your first.

  10. Fabulous frock. Rick-rack always makes things better. I don't remember Target selling fabric, but K-Mart used to have a fabric department in the 80s, mostly cotton wovens and knits, nothing too fancy but priced well. Woolies also sold fabric and haberdashery in the 80s, small pre-cut pieces (which embarrassingly I still have some in my stash!).

  11. That's gorgeous! The perfect pattern for that fabric. My mum made me a dress from that pattern once too- I was in my last year of school. I still have the dress but I can't fit into it sadly!


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