Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Weekend Fair Fun

I was pleased to be able to make it to the Frock Up Brisbane fair on Saturday after fairly constant migraines last week. I got to spend some time with Trudie & two of her delightful kiddos, checking out the frockage, accessories & other vintage delights on offer. There were lots of lovely things there, but I came away empty handed. I'm trying to be mindful of my spending at the moment so I couldn't justify any purchases when I have so much already. It's always a treat to see my favourite Brissy sellers, including Chris of Remember When. Then on Sunday the Captain & I attended our first Aladdins Fair. I have no idea why we haven't gotten to this fair before. The room was buzzing with buyers & sellers & lots of interesting treasures, & I met a lovely lady who reads my blog (thanks for saying hi Lolly Molly). So all in all it was a fun treasure filled weekend.

Above is the Cassie's Corner display
and  Remember When below

 These original 60's shoes were one thing I was tempted by. They were the perfect size for me, but the leather was stiff & I wondered if I'd ever break them in.

Gorgeous Trudie of My Vintage Childhood with Fraser & Sarah who looked like a little vintage Princess.

Look at that gorgeous face!!!

I didn't snap any pics from Aladdins, but I did spend a total of $5 on these couple of things.....

Green & gold brooch...like I "need" another green brooch in my life!
& a crustic old Woolworths tin

So that's my weekend in a nutshell! I hope you all had a good one.


  1. Both fairs sound wonderful! I wish I Lived closer to Brisbane so I could attend these lovely things! I hope you and Trudie had a ball xx

  2. What fantastic pictures of the fair! I wish I could have gone. The other fair sounds just as good too. I hope that the migraines weren't too bad. You look very lovely, and neat shoes you're wearing! I especially love the vintage tin that you bought from the second fan. I've got a thing for tins and used to collect them, if I had seen that I would have swooped it up myself!

  3. Looks great! We are crap at vintage fairs in NZ usually. Occasionally there's one that's good (mainly in aucks) but def not a regular occurence! Love your purchases!

  4. Ahhh, so much treasure to fondle! I often just browse and look and stroke and admire without buying at vintage fairs and markets; sometimes the prices are too high, or nothing seems quite right, or I am aware I already have something similar already. Lovely to see all the pretty stalls, and Trudie with the kids, both of you are rocking fabulous frocks! xxx

  5. Lovely to see you, Trudie and the kids all together. Love what all of you wore.
    You've got me all excited for work on Saturday now. I really enjoy seeing how other stalls display their wares! x

  6. Oooh, lovely chiffon scarves in one of the pictures!

  7. Oh what treasures I could find! But like you, I'm on a budget and would most likely limit myself to the whopping $5 or so. :o)


  8. How jolly splendid!!! There's a few things I'm drooling over, most notably the black and red spot frock and a red straw handbag.....and you and Trudie looking simply delish!!! My kinda day!
    Bummer about the migraines-be gone!
    I'm crazy for your tin, and a gal ALWAYS needs new accessories! they don't take up much room, and that brooch is a total sweetie!

  9. What a fun little get together. So much fun stuff. Yeah, those vintage shoes seem to become petrified with age.

  10. I love that brooch! It looks magical, like you can look into and see the future

  11. It looks like a fab fair and it must be so hard not to spend heaps of money. I know I would really struggle. Sometimes I think its a bit of a blessing that I can't get to the shops!! I am sorry to read that you have been struggling with migraines, I am really thinking of you sweetie and I am sending you much love and healing light your way. Take care of yourself xoxo


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