Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Sweetness of Blog Pals

I have been blessed by some special parcels in the mail this past week. The treasures inside certainly made up for the dull op shopping I've experienced of late.

Tam of A Treasured Past sent me a glorious selection of goodies, as she is known to do....all just my cup of tea too. I was especially excited about the beautiful stamp pendant. Tam shared the stamp on her Facebook page a while ago, & I was swooning over the colours & design. I didn't think it was possible for a stamp to be so pretty. So I squeed with excitement, & have been planning my outfits around the necklace for the past week. Tam has some amazing handmade pieces over at her Etsy store....so many wonderful styles & designs, & the quality is impressive.
Thank you for spoiling me Tam. Xx

1975 Arbor Day stamp from Israel on a silver necklace
Utter perfection!

Kitsch owl alert

I seem to have a little collection of bird egg cups now. 

A cheeky elephant & a small framed cross-stitch, which fits right in with the bird theme around our house.

Sweet Vanessa of Two Squirrels sent me this wee parcel as a thank you for the package I sent for her birthday. I adore the handmade hair clip, which she stocks at their Milton shop. 

And finally, Carmel from Make Mine Mid Century over at Instagram posted a photo of a Hornsea coffee set that sat languishing at her place, & she wanted to pass it onto a new home. I do like a bit of Hornsea so I was the lucky recipient. I love the design of the Bronte range, & the Captain is keen to drink his coffee in those cups.
Thank you Carmel! Xx

Thank you ladies for all of the above, & thank YOU my readers for your comments & friendship.
The small world of blogging has brought me more then I'd ever imagined.
Love & blessings. Xx


  1. That stamp pendant is absolutely lovely and the cheeky owl cruet is too cute! Miss V's hair slide is very pretty!
    If only you lived here, there's a 30 piece Hornsea set in a chazza in town, its been there a fortnight and its £20!!! People round here have no taste! xxx

  2. Ha, Vix has made me laugh! I see a lot of Hornsea in our charity shops too.
    The pendant from Tam is so pretty, and all the little critters are sweethearts. Blog pals are the best! xxx

  3. You lucky lady! Some gorgeous gifts - I adore that stamp necklace (how clever) and your little animals are too cute.

  4. That stamp necklace is absolutely amazing!!

  5. Awww....feeling the blog love! All this reminds me I have something for you too - my intentions are always good, I just tend to be slow on delivery!

  6. What an incredible stamp and that is the best ever way to showcase its beauty! Oh and look at those owls and the bird hoop - gorgeous!! xoxo

  7. Mmm, Hornsea.
    By the way - you are the lucky winner of my dress giveaway! PM me on facebook re your postal address. Or you could pick it up when you are next in town.

  8. What wonderful gifts. Those lovely ladies seem to know exactly the perfect presents to buy for you. How nice!

  9. So many gorgeous gifts, I especially love the sweet birds and the gorgeous hankie, how very sweet!! I hope you are keeping well sweetie and not to bad after your hols?? Sending you much love xoxo

  10. The stamp pendant is so beautiful! I can see why you fell for it.


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