Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Some Sunshine Coast Finds

One of the great things about holidaying at the Sunshine Coast is the large amount of op shops. But in saying that the vintage treasures were few & far between while we were there (well compared to other times).
These are the things that came home with me.

50cent Squirrel family....the little ones are tiny!

Sweet rose ring

$2 vintage red shoes
Love the red, white & blue thing

A rogue anodised canister

Crochet doily obviously

A couple of leather cases....I think they might be used for storing a deck of cards?

I really had no need for a number puzzle, but the graphics of the cards grabbed me. 
I'm wondering how I could re-purpose them.

A book about vintage plastic jewellery seeing as I love the plastic stuff.


  1. Oh those squirrels are very sweet as is the rose ring. I love the puzzles and graphics. I'd personally frame a particular number you have there and had it at our front door entrance wall to represent our house number. Is that a possibility for you?

  2. What lovely finds, the puzzle pictures are really sweet.

  3. I wonder if the leather cases could possibly be cigarette cases? Regardless, they and everything else you found are awesome. I can't believe you found the whole squirrel family for 50 cents - that's amazing!

  4. You find such adorable things, Leisa! Love the squirrels, I also wondered if the cases were for cigarettes, and you could possibly frame the whole set of the numbers game, it would make a fabulous picture. xx

  5. Those shoes are brilliant! I love the rose ring too.
    Most excellent scoring, my lovely!

  6. I'm pretty sure those leather cases are cigarette cases. Very classy!

    1. That's what I thought at first too, but I wasn't sure because they had no aroma to them!

  7. Those 60's number cards are so wild. Hmmmm...what could you do with them? You'll come up with something. Always such amazing stuff. You have such a good eye for way cool vintage.

  8. Yay to some fab finds. Loving those red shoes, olala!! xoxo


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