Friday, 7 March 2014

Running to Stand Still

This 60's cotton frock was purchased at the Retro Metro clearance shop in Paddington, at least 2 years ago for $5. I think I wore it once. I bought it at the time thinking it would make a good maternity dress if that were ever to happen.  But seeing as it hasn't, I decided to test my sewing skills & took it in with my Elna. It always fitted nicely at the bust, but it flared out from there kinda sack like. Now it's slightly more shift dress style which is probably more flattering on my figure. It has two big buttons that do up the straps. I found the green shirt at Endo's up the coast. It was new old stock in my favourite shade of green.

Outfit Details....

60's frock - Retro Metro
Green vintage shirt - Endos
Goldtone & green necklace - Vinnies
Old bird brooch - Op shop in Gore NZ
Orange bracelet - Salvos
Green disco ring - Chapel Street Bazaar
Beaded bag - Salvos
Shoes & Sunglasses - Retail


  1. You always do brights so well. you look like a ray of sunshine. It's funny about 60's shifts. they look so cute in old photos but they really are pretty boxy. Good move to take it in. Cute as cute can be.

  2. Great skills - its a lovely fit! The green top is the perfect accompaniment. Hope you are having a great Friday! xxxxx

  3. I know what you mean about that shape of dress too; if you have boobs, those shifts can hang in a bit of an unflattering way. Great job altering it, it's far too pretty not to wear it! Always a joy to see you in green and rocking your fabulous jewellery. xxx

  4. You did a great job altering that dress, it looks lovely! Your jewellery today is particularly lovely.
    That's a beaded bag I haven't seen before, its fab! x

  5. This shade of green looks lovely on you.
    You always accessorise so well.. it inspires me.

  6. Your dress looks fab! Great work on altering it xx

  7. You are matersing your machine, baby, and I like it! It's such a sweet frock, yays to getting it to fit right!
    I love every detail, I always are my Queen of Accessorising!

  8. Yay the girl is sewing!! You go it's looking amazing!! Xxx


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