Friday, 21 March 2014

Rummage Style Frock Friday

When my bestie Miss J gave me a gorgeous vintage sheet in it's original packaging I ummed & arred about whether to use it for it's intended purpose, or to immortalize it in frock form. The idea of wearing it won out, & I sent the fabric down to Teresa of Rummage Style, to make me a Scarlett dress. 
This is the end result. Which goes perfectly with my stamp pendant from Tam. I only just realised almost all of this outfit is handmade in one way or another.

Outfit Details......

Vintage sheet dress - Handmade by Rummage Style
Stamp pendant - Handmade by Tam of A Treasured Past
Handmade button brooch - a local market
Handmade bracelet - Found for $2 at Salvos
Sarah Coventry ring - Gifted by Michelle
Toaster cover bag - Converted by me, patchwork cover from Miss J
Shoes & Sunglasses - Retail

It's been a week I'd rather forget not only health wise, but we have had our PC's motherboard crack up, among other things. Technology is doing my head in at the moment! I'm just hoping I'll be up to getting to the Frock Up Brisbane Fair with Trudie tomorrow. We'll see how the weekend pans out!


  1. A fine re purposing of a pretty sheet, that dress looks fab! Have a wonderful time with Trudie and get lots of fabulous things (or take photos if not)! xxx

  2. I might see you at Frock Up I am going on Sunday. I will keep my eyes peeled for you.

  3. The dress is gorgeous, love the green and purple combination, and the bracelet matches perfectly. It never rains but pours doesn't it. Hoping you have a better week next week. Have a great day tomorrow. Xx

  4. Loving the print and colours of the sheet dress, you look beautiful in it. Sorry to hear of your health and technological woes. I hope you can get to the fair tomorrow and see Trudie! xxx

  5. I hope you feel better now xxx
    Such pretty fabric, it looks lovely as a dress.

  6. You've done a really great job on the dress - I love the print!

  7. when technology goes wrong, nothing goes right. Hope everything's working out for you know

  8. That sheet is divine and I've been searching for one like that for ages! Love your button badge too. I've been too lazy to blog much lately, just lurking.

  9. O, yeah, great job with the pretty sheet! Sheet couture is my current fave!
    Rocking such pretty, cool, fresh colour, darling! XXX


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