Sunday, 16 March 2014

It's Green Day!!!

Today is St Patrick's day. I can't honestly say it's a day that I celebrate, but I will always take the opportunity to wear my favourite colour. I do adore green.....especially that Kermit the frog kind of green. Green goes so well with other colours, like orange, red, yellow & grey. It seems to be the colour that makes me look the least sickly on a bad day. Yep I love it. Trouble is the Captain likes it too, so we often get asked if we're matching on purpose, which we aren't. At least if I get asked, "Is it St Patrick's day" (which has been known to happen), today I can say yes it is. 

Outfit Details.....

Vintage maxi dress - My first ever vintage maxi dress found on Ebay for 99cents at least 3 years ago
Green cardigan - Salvos
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Gold & green necklace - Vinnies
Bakelite bangles - Ebay
Two green rings - Op shopped
Beaded bag - Vintage Hippy
Shoes - Lifeline


  1. Happy Saint Patrick's day! You look gorgeous! I'm loving your curls. And I honestly cannot believe what a great find your fabulous dress was - 99 cents? My goodness!

  2. Happy Saint Paddy's day. I cant believe you got that dress for 99c what a absolute bargain. Red is my favorite color and second favorite is green, especially that shade of green.

  3. Don't you look fabulous! Green looks wonderful on you.

  4. Love love love that frock - a predictable response, I know, but true! And I know I always say this too, but amazing accessories! xxx

  5. That dress is beyond gorgeous, I bet you feel instantly better as soon as you put it on. xxx

  6. Hello gorgeous and you look stunning in that gorgeous dress. Just a little green with envy here xxx

  7. I'm a Green Lover, too. That is an amazingly cool dress plus all the additional green! I feel healthy just looking at you. Ooooooh Birds flying out of your head!

  8. THAT is an awesome length dress on you!!! Lovin' it ;-)

  9. I love st patricks day, I love green but I haven't a spot of green to wear today!! How shameful!!

  10. We hold much the same theory about green. I honestly believe green goes with everything. That's an awesome dress for your first maxi all those years ago.


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