Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Toaster Cover Bag & Sewing Stuff

My darling friend Miss J gave me this patchwork toaster cover for Christmas. The detail & workmanship is incredible, & it's fully lined in a contrasting fabric. We knew it needed to be converted for modern day use, so I was on the lookout for some handles. These bamboo type handles cost at least $30 in the craft stores, so I was over the moon to find a set at a local op shop for $3. I think it's been transformed into the most amazing bag.

Desiree kindly sent me a message to let me know about the mother load of vintage patterns at one of our local oppies. There must have been over 100, in a range of sizes. At $1 each I picked 10 favourites. I seem to gravitate to that shift dress style.
Thanks so much for the heads up Des.

 On with the sewing theme....I had a rather limited selection of cotton reels & general sewing stuff. I bought an entire box of threads, tape measures, needles & other paraphernalia for $3. Now I'm set.....just have to work up the courage to actually sew something!


  1. That is such a cool idea turning a toaster cover into a bag. It looks great. I love finding sewing supplies from op shops. They are so much cheaper than buying them new. That first dress pattern in the top left is really cool.

  2. Now I'm looking at a vintage tea cosy and wondering the same thing, I'm always finding those handles in chazzas! Fab array of patterns, get sewing! x

  3. I love the way the patchwork on your bag has been folded into origami shapes. I'm sure I have some of those patterns. And you're lucky to find those cotton reels, I haven't found any under $1 a reel!

  4. Great job on the toaster cover bag, it looks amazing.
    And there are some fabulous patterns there; how about we make a pact, I'll try and make something if you will? We can compare notes (probably disasters, in my case!) I've been putting it off and putting it off because I don't want to waste my fabric by doing a shoddy job, but it's being wasted sitting in a pile doing nothing, isn't it?
    Deal? xxx

  5. Rocking that toaster cover!!! Brilliant idea, darling!
    Great score on all the patterns and sewing notions. Go hard! I want to see at least 3 of these patterns made up by the end of the month! Cracking the whip! XXX

  6. I didn't realise your bag was once a toaster cover, but wow it really works as a bag simply attach handles.
    I always look out for vintage patterns while op-shopping, there's some real gems there. x

  7. Oh my. You have made out like a bandit. I am drooling over those patterns. And even though your toaster will probably get chilly I do love your bag.

  8. I can't even deal with the fact that someone would put that much love and attention into a toaster cover! I'm so glad you've converted it to a bag now :D Also so jealous of your sewing haul!


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