Friday, 28 February 2014

Like a rolling thunder chasing the wind

The Sunshine Coast wasn't so sunny on this particular day, but it's a beautiful place whatever the weather. We had wonderful weather for the most part during our time away, which meant lots of ocean swims. I dislike summer intensely, but if I have to be somewhere on a hot day, my choice would be in the water. It's one place where my heart doesn't seem to misbehave, & I seem to cope better being upright because of the weightlessness or something. So it's good medicine all round!
I bought this cotton frock at Salvos a while ago. I like the navy & white chevron stripes, & I added an op shopped button up top.

Outfit Details.....

Cotton sundress & red top - Salvos
Flower ring - Erstwilder op shop find
Bead necklace - Vinnies
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinson @ Tarras NZ
Vintage bag - 50cents garage sale
Red sandals - Retail @ Clarks
Sunglasses - Ray Bans


  1. So gorgeous! I always love a classic red, white and blue and you do it so well. Though I will steal that brooch as quick as look at you, be warned! So glad you've had a lovely break and some relief from the heat. Big hugs! Sarah xxx

  2. While you're distracted by Misfits Vintage stealing your brooch, I will be stealing your bracelets. :o)

  3. Love a chevron stripe! what a cute dress. Glad to hear that you got some relief from the heat. Fancy a lifestyle swap - the Australian heat will work wonders for my arthritis and the British cold would help you! x

  4. love this combo!....classic seaside attire I think. yay for great holidays. x

  5. Watch out cuz I'm after your red sandals!!! Such a cute outfit!

  6. Oh I would NOT cope with your hot temperatures, not at all. Glad you found some relief in the water, you certainly look cool and gorgeous in red, white and blue. xxx

  7. You look lovely! That is a very nice summer dress. I am not good with Summer either, but at last Autumn is here! I hope that the cool comes soon!

  8. Hello lovely, sorry I have been a little absent here. I am so pleased that you enjoyed being in the water, defo my fave bit about summer too. My parents use to call me fish when we were little, but then we had a pool, oh how I miss that. Anyways, love the frock. I do hope that you had a lovely holiday and that you are not feeling to done in from it?? Sending much love xoxo

  9. What a lovely sundress - I've got to say I'm in love with your tape measure bracelets too!

  10. I love your sandals. The colour is fantastic. There's nothing like floating in the sea. The weather has been pretty terrible this summer here so sadly I haven't been to the beach once.

  11. Darling, you are the Queen of Red, White and Blue and I bow before you!!!
    You look cool and fresh and gloriarse!


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