Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Gripstand, Tape Measures and Old Bling

One of my favourite brooches is a yellow tape measure brooch handmade & gifted by Trudie. I love wearing it & people always ask me about it. I'd been thinking it would be handy to have one in another colour, so after finding some supplies this is what I came up with. I'm turning into a real Martha Stewart!

Wee tapestry brooch/pendant

Handmade resin ring by Erstwilder at a fraction of the usual price from Lifeline

Yep more beads. I love those old clasps.


  1. Very clever - love the tape measure beauties!

  2. The brooch, the bowl, the beads-yummy! Nice one on the brooch, such a great idea for those lovely old tape measures!!! XXX

  3. That vintage flower pin is super cute!


  4. Oh I love those tape measure brooches - what a fun idea!

  5. Love the tape measure brooches brilliant idea :-) dee x

  6. Your tape measure brooches are so cute! I think I need to make one or two. :o)

  7. I love that the tape measure brooch hasn't lost its appeal and you love the one I made you. Better still is that you're getting your Martha on and getting crafty....I like the birdie one. I saw badly want a gripstand bowl a big one.....patience Trudie. Oh and you know I love me some Erstwilder and I'm collection is slowly growing.

    P.S - sorry I haven't been by much lately to comment, trying to find the new normal and routine around here now Cohn is at school is still a challenge. X


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