Friday, 17 January 2014

Who Let the Chooks Out?

I bought this Centex cotton shift dress about 4 years ago at the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair (whatever happened to that fair anyway?????). I rarely if ever wore it, because it was a bit of a sack & a size or two too big. Since reacquainting myself with my Mum's hand me down Elna sewing machine, I decided to try adding some darts to the dress. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, because it's made all the difference. I made a tie belt too after taking up the hem. It's such a soft & cool polished cotton fabric, with a lovely metal zip up the back. 


 We were on a quiet street down by the bay when these chickens were released from someones yard. They were so tame, they kept on pecking my orange bead bag.

 Outfit Details.....

60's dress - Vintage fair for $5
Tape measure brooch - handmade by me
Teeny deer brooch - Gifted by a dear friend
Orange & blue beads & bangles - Op shopped
Blue "Trivial Pursuit" ring - Lovisa
Vintage bag - Garage sale
Orange shoes - Target
Sunnies - Ray Bans

Gorgeous Kylie from the blog Lucy Violet Vintage sent me this kitchen trivet in original packaging, wrapped in the prettiest old bird tea towel. Kylie found a few trivets & generously gave them away.
Thanks Kylie for the gift, & for sharing your amazing style & drool-worthy road side finds with us. Even though she doesn't blog much anymore, you can find her regularly on Instagram.


  1. Gorgeous dress! I just love how you refashioned it! xx

  2. I love this fabric and I also love you are sewing now - yeah! How exciting. Also I freaking LOVE that ring. FAB!

  3. Oh you look lovely. Those curious chooks made me laugh. Our little chicks always peck at my jewellery if I pick them up for a cuddle.
    The trivet is very sweet, Kylie is one generous lady. x

  4. Oh the trouble with such lovely gifts in vintage packaging is "do I open it or not?" Such a pretty gift and you look absolutely delish in that shade of blue! Plus, you altered yourself yay!! Spotted a wonderful Singer machine from the late 70s with instructions etc in Salvos today and wondered how your were going with the Elna :). I adore your brooch! So weird seeing the chookies out, I've been thinking about chooks so much lately, I plan to have two or three one day (sounds like planning to have babies eh?) xoxoxo

  5. Hey! Love the colour combo!

  6. Love the print of your newly-altered frock, Leisa - and well done on getting to grips with the Elna! Darts? You're a step ahead of me, I don't know how to do them...
    Curious chickens, gorgeous accessories, and a gift from delicious Kylie - doesn't get any better than that! xxxx

  7. What a beautiful beach! I'm feeling very jealous sat here in my freezing English living room!

    I love the dress =)

    Corinne x

  8. Hello lovely many squeaks of happiness here!!!!!!! The dress you sent for my birthday is absolutely fantastic, fits perfectly and I just love it. Thank you so very much and I am a lucky girl to have one super cute measuring tape brooch too!!!!! Yay yay yay. So so kind has made for a super special day.
    Now that little daisy dress is wonderful on you......well done making it look so good.
    Awwww I love chookies.....cute.
    Sending much love. V
    PS.....can I get you email address sweet?

  9. Great job adding the darts - it looks lovely. Love the orange and blue colour combo too - very summery!

  10. OMG< LOVE this colour combination! Just gorgeous.
    Most excellent job on the frock. It's rather satisfying, isn't it?!
    There's no stopping you now!!!
    Chooks!! Bahaha, they're pretty cute ones!

  11. Looks like those chickens had good taste!

  12. You are a sewing genius. I have a big pile of messed up things that I tried to "remake." So glad you showed a close up of the daisies! Excellent print!! Excellent dress!

  13. oooo I love blue and orange together - so fresh and smart. Well done on darting the dress, it looks lovely.

  14. What a smashing combo blue and orange on you and of course your tape measure brooch ;) a little birdie tells me the BVFF looks like it will be back this year.


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