Friday, 3 January 2014

Squirrel Frock Friday

My lovely friend Vanessa of Two Squirrels gifted me this frock. It's different to anything I own with the brown, cream & yellow colour scheme. Every time I wear it I think of sweet Vanessa, & I count down the days until we can visit with them in New Zealand again. Fingers crossed there will be an epic trip sometime mid year!

My beads are all wonky....don't you hate that!

 Outfit Details....

Vintage dress - Gifted by Vanessa
Brown beads - from Vintage Wishes
Green beads - Op shopped
Bling brooch - Gifted by my Mum
Green button brooch - handmade from a local market
Two vintage rings - Op shopped
Dancing girl bracelet - Invercargill hospice shop
Vintage bag - Garage sale
Shoes - Op shopped
Sunglasses - Ray Bans

In other news, I finally pulled out my Mum's old Elna sewing machine that she passed onto me. I was kind of scared by it, remembering jumbled threads jammed in the machine from my home economic days in high school. I haven't touched a machine for 25 years. At first I had no idea what to do with the bobbin thread, but once I sorted that out I was off. Since Monday I've altered 6 dresses, attempted a hem & made some tie belts from cut off fabric. I'm feeling a wee bit obsessed, looking for dresses that need a tweak! But there is something really satisfying about making frocks fit a bit better. Watch this space, I may even take on a frock from scratch sometime! The Captain did ask me if the dining room table is the new sewing table, as Elna has been sitting there all week! Hmm perhaps I need a sewing room!

Here's a little collage of my Friday frocks for 2013


  1. Ooh you look GORGEOUS in the pretty Squirrel frock! I especially love the racktacular boob shot and the gorgeous brooches. You look so happy and relaxed - sewing must be good therapy!

    Happy New Year, lovely - I hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy and fun year with lovely NZ trips and frocks galore!

    Love, Sarah xxx

  2. My new favourite word (racktacular) - thanks Sarah you always speak the truth! The print on your dress is quite unusual and I'm liking it.

  3. Ah, the delightful Vanessa has given you a beauty of a frock, I love the colours and print, and it fits you like a dream. Gorgeous.
    Yep, think you have the sewing bug, Leisa! I am really really REALLY going to make something, from a proper pattern, this year - only been saying that for 2 years... But this IS the year! Join me! xxxx

  4. Happy New Years lovely! The frock from the squirrels is beautiful. Once you get the sewing bug, its hard to stop ;)

  5. It's a scrumptious frock, in colours I adore! I totally covet that handbag and bracelet.
    If the only thing you ever do is fix frocks, a sewing machine is most invaluable!!! that's what I do most..................YAYS!
    Happy New Year, darlings!

  6. Cute dress, cute bag... you're just plain cute all over!


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