Friday, 10 January 2014

Oh well whatever, nevermind

I bought this frock at the annual Auckland vintage & textiles fair, when we were in New Zealand in September. It's handmade, & identical to this dress that I got at the time, same size, same style, just in a different fabric. The Captain calls them the 'Flying Nun' frocks, because of the large collar. I pulled out my 60's platforms purchased in Auckland too, but I look like I have hooves for feet!

Outfit Details.....

Vintage frock - Auckland vintage fair NZ
Handmade brooch - a gift from lovely Penny-Rose
Large turquoise ring - Madam Butterfly's Christchurch NZ
Sarah Coventry ring - gifted by my friend Michelle
Bangle - Omarama vintage shop NZ
Earrings - had forever
Beaded bag - Vinnies
Vintage French platform shoes - Peachy Keen Vintage Auckland NZ
Sunnies - Ray Bans

These pics were taken a while ago when it was cooler. You wouldn't want to see what I look like heart is being super erratic due to med changes, & the lack of regular beats makes me cough as a reflex, so I'm dizzy & feeling awful being upright. To top it off a bottle of soft drink fell off the top of the fridge when I opened my freezer & exploded all over my kitchen. I ended up looking like a drowned rat covered in lemon, lime & bitters. All sweet & sticky......Happy days!


  1. Hooves for feet are fine - I'd just get nervous if they were cloven! What a gorgeous dress, so sunny, optimistic. I hope your adjustment to the new meds kicks in quickly. I'm a master at breaking jumbo jars of dill pickles. At least you were sweet.

  2. Oooooh I love your beautiful shoes! Delish frock and bling, you're rocking your new frocks my friend!! Isn't that the way though? When you're feeling super crook, something in the house explodes, the cat throws up on the bed, the fridge leaks or the milk for a much-needed cuppa goes sour. xoxo

  3. Gorgeous dress, Leisa, and I am loving the shoes too! I'm sorry you are feeling rotten, it must be so hard to deal with all your ongoing health issues. Sending you a great big therapeutic hug; enjoy your weekend, love! xxxx

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon! Maybe to cheer you up a bit- i like your outfit!!! So colorful and pretty! And that little bag is divine! xx

  5. Oh no! Med switches suck! Take it easy and feel better!!

  6. Had to laugh about the lemon lime and bitters explosion! So sorry that the med switch is making you feel yucky. I really love that dress, the bright colours just pop. Hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

  7. Babes, I bet you look far cuter than you realise! Hope your tickers sorts itself out, you're worrying me!
    Every detail is delicious, and you do not look like you have hooves! Such adorable shoes!!!!

  8. Oh, I hope you adjust okay. This heat akes health woes 100x worse, doesn't it? You look beautiful, as always though! xx

  9. Totally gorgeous- the shoes and that bag are just amazing though!! I'd love to pick up a Vinnies find like that!

  10. You ROCK!!!!!! You always manage to look so bloody gorgeous even when you are most probably feeling crap. I love you in this dress and the colours are fab. I really hope that you are well and that you managed to get through Christmas without too much of a setback?? I really wanted to send you something with the card, but I couldn't find anything that I thought you would like so that will happen when I find something. I do hope that this is a good year for you sweetie and that somehow this year we kick this thing's butt!! Sending you much love xoxo

  11. Really sorry to hear you are feeling poorly i hope the meds take affect soon and you start to feel normal again. You look gorgeous love your dress and those shoes are lush you feet do not look big in them delicate i would say. Happy new year lovely, dee xx

  12. Love this dress even more than the other one I just saw! x


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