Friday, 31 January 2014

Mumma Made Frock

I picked up a vintage dress pattern ages ago, & my lovely Mum had a trial run on some fabric she had in her stash, to see if I like the style & fit of the dress before we attempt it in some fabric of mine. It's a two piece pattern, & the trickiest part for Mum was the square neckline. The trial frock turned out really well, & I'm chomping at the bit to get the next one underway. I'm just not sure my sewing skills are up to the task yet!

Outfit Details...

Handmade frock - My clever Mum
Tea towel bolero - A vintage fair
Celluloid flower brooch & bird pendant from Dunedin - Gifted by Mum
Other pendant - Gift from a friend
Tape measure brooch - Handmade by me!
Old ring - Antique fair
Handmade bracelet - Usually $65, but I got it for $2 at Salvos
Patchwork toaster cover converted to a bag - Gifted by Miss J
Shoes & Sunnies - Retail


  1. I love your mums homemade frock, it fits perfectly!! The tape measure brooch is the best thing ever! I LOVE it!! It was such a great idea to turn the toaster cover into a bag, I would never think of that. Hope you are well and keeping cool...its been sooo hot here, my legs have melted :( Tam xoxo

  2. Oh mums are fantastic when they do special things like make the cutest frock ever.......big hugs for mum.
    Looking so lovely sweet with all your gorgeous accessories.
    Hope you have a wonderful v

  3. great little dress and the bolero is lovely. very cute. visiting from zaras blog..congrats on winning her dream catcher:)

  4. Aren't you a lucky girl to have such a clever mum? That dress is beautiful on you and I remember loving that tea towel bolero last time you posted it, I must make one for me! xxx

  5. Great frock (go Mums!!!) and that bolero is sooooo fab!

  6. Right, I'm getting on the phone to my mum to tell her she's a slacker, she hasn't made me a frock on over 40 years! Great dress, a lovely fit, and the little bolero is the cutest!
    Now it's your turn, Leisa, crack that pattern! xxx

  7. The dress is very cute, and pairing it with that bolero was perfect!

  8. We do love our mums! A beautiful frock and yet another stunning bag Xxx

  9. Beautiful - go Mum!! Sewing isn't as hard as you think - start with a few simple things like tote bags and pjs and before you know if you will be whipping up all kinds of beautiful frocks. How cool is that bolero made from a vintage tea towel!! Perhaps I should try that :)


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