Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Garage Sales Goodies and a Gift from the Attic

Towards the end of last year I dropped in at a couple of garage sales. I wish there was an app for garage sales. One that could do the leg-work for you & tell you which ones are worth going to. I tend to avoid anything that mentions children's wear & toys. "Deceased" or "hoarders" or "collectors" are terms that interest me, but even those are hit & miss.
Here are my garage sale finds....All were either 50cents each or $1

Italian brass bird stamped MOD. DEP
Apparently they made kitsch figurines in the 1950's

Wooden lady figurine
I like her folksy appearance

An entire roll of vintage wallpaper for $1

Vintage salad servers in my favourite colour

Never used old pillowslips 

Groovy wall hook thingo, perfect for my kitchen
And where I hang the below oven mitt

Two old orange bread bins for 50 cents
Great for storing whatever

 Mini Johnson plate

And on a different note, last week I had the pleasure of having morning tea with Michelle from The Attic. I met Michelle selling her wares at a local market, & we finally had a chance to catch up again. She passed on to me this beautiful vintage tray, complete with some needle work within the glass. It's so pretty, & it's right at home on this bedside table. 
Thanks Michelle!


  1. Looks like you have found a lot of goodies. I particularly love that wallpaper, just beautiful. And yes, the times I've had a look at garage sales I've always been quite reluctant to visit ones that mention children's wear and toys. Garage sales are a bit of a hit and miss, aren't they? Glad that you had a shot of luck!

  2. Hello gorgeous……look at all that fantastic treasure…..oh the wall-paper is wonderful……I just love the wall…hanger thing too!!!!!
    Hoping you are having a great start to the new year!!!!!
    Oh Oh a very cute little parcel came in the mail today….squeals of excitement…….and then this very good wee squirrel has put it aside till Monday…..thank you.
    love v
    PS….when is your birthday sweet…….oh oh and you must give us dates for your trip to NZ to come and stay at Biddies.

  3. ooohhhh Taunton Vale key hanger i am loving that you realise that has come all the way over to you from a little village by me called Wiveliscombe in Somerset England where they were made in the 1970's. I collect this as you know. Great find, loving those two orange bread bins to ;-) dee x

  4. Loving the gorgeous tray, oh my I NEED it!!! Also the pillowcase is so pretty and the sweet little dollie figurine so sweet. Some lovely treasures! Sending you much love sweetie xoxo

  5. Holy awesome finds, Batman! I'd fall in lust with one item and scroll down and fall even more in lust with the next. You obviously have very excellent thrifting karma.

  6. Loving all the bright colours (orange! green!), bold prints, and that cutie pie of a bird. I thought Dee would spot the Taunton Vale piece, their prints are so distinctive. And your tray is very pretty, what a lovely gift. xxxx

  7. that wallpaper!!!...geez!.....great finds there Mrs. x

  8. How lovely! O, an app for garage sales is a brilliant idea!
    Such great scores, I'm dribbling over the retro hook thingy, the oven mitt and the salad servers most especially.......XXX

  9. Such a sweet gift and the needlework is beautiful. Alas, garage sales in Dunedin are hopeless so an app would not be much good. However, I am impressed with your haul, especially the wallpaper which I initially thought was fabric (and would make a fab skirt or dress). I can't believe that some people have unused pillowcases, so these are my favourite find. xx

  10. Wow of course you know that all the green funds are up my ally and I'm loving the brass bird, I've got a thing for brass figures at the moment.

    P.S - you should develop the app then the profits could fund your treasure hunting.

  11. Those pillowslips are just gorgeous! Same with the tray - right up my alley :) xx

  12. The key thingy truly made me salivate, and so did the pillowcases and wallpaper. I've had pretty slim pickings around here lately, which is just as well because I'm running out of dosh. Penny-Rose is right about garage sales too - there's a lot of dross and not much gold.

  13. aww, the wooden girl figurine is my favourite this week, she looks like pinochio's little sister!


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