Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Escaping the Heat Op Shop Finds

The weather has been crazy here the past few days. On Friday and Saturday the heat was so bad....the air was thick and it was so humid, as soon as you moved you would work up a sweat. The Captain and I decided to run away to the Sunshine Coast, seeing as my sister had come home from the holiday unit early. We were so glad we did as it has air conditioning, so it was much cooler then home. On the way there the temperature reached 46 degrees (115F). Queenslanders are pretty used to the heat, but I've never been that hot before. We had a ripper storm yesterday afternoon. It was almost pitch black at 4.30pm, when it's usually still bright until 6.30pm. We lost power for about 6 hours, but thankfully there was no damage done.
We didn't do much at the coast....but of course I did pop into my favourite op shops.
Here are a few things I found.....

Some months back I left one of these orange apothecary jars behind at an op shop and kicked myself for doing so. I wondered where I'd put it, but in hindsight I discovered how much they are worth. The last one I saw was going for $70. So I snapped this one up when I saw it for $2.50. It will join my jar collection.

I'm not sure what it was about these placemats that got me.....maybe the green, maybe the birds and the art deco styling?
But I have nothing like it so I figured why not at $3 for the set.

Old melamine tray with wicker outer bit

Typo had these owl S&P shakers for sale. Not vintage but totally kitsch.

 Any op shop adventure is not complete without some vintage accessories!
Big brooch/pendant above
Quirky green plastic & gold necklace

 I'm always sucked in by red, white and blue!

 Chunky gold necklace
And a 3 string of orange beads

Good old knitted coathangers
50 cents for the lot

 Little Japanese trinket box....I have real trouble leaving these behind!

And lastly a petit-point keyring

I'm hoping this week is a bit cooler.....this heat plays havoc with my heart and blood pressure, and I've been dizzy all week. It's a challenge to keep my salt levels up. An increase in my heart failure medication just seems to have increased my weight, which I ain't too happy about. I keep wondering why my frocks seem to have shrunk!


  1. Ugh hasn't this heat been awful! That storm yesterday was quite disastrous! It seemed to have come on like nothing. We got caught in the middle of it whilst driving home and it was so bad that we were forced to pull over as you could not see a thing the rain was so dreadful. Had a bolt of lightning hit with less that a one km radius of us too - that was pretty scary! It must have been so relieving to have the air conditioning up the coast just for a little while. That's what I need! Gorgeous finds, that orange jar is amazing. And you can never have enough knitted coat hangers! Fingers crossed that we get a cooler weekend.

  2. Sounds like you're having a rough summer over there. I must admit to quite enjoying thunder and lightning though - we don't get much of it down here.

  3. Augh! How uncomfortable. I'm not a "heat" person either! Though it looks like it inspired you to score some lovely things. I love anything with a bird on it <3 Damn those stupid medications that cause weight gain...no doubt created by some skinny scientist. I'm still struggling with a jiggly drug induced muffin top! Thank goodness for tunic tops! Xxxooo

  4. That heat sounds horrific, I would hate it too. And if it's affecting your health, it's even harder to bear. Ugh! Look after yourself as much as possible, love.
    Those jars go for HOW much?! I bet you are pleased you stumbled across another one, and such a great colour. As always, you find fabulous jewellery, and I would have snapped up those place mats too. xxxx

  5. O, crikey, I can't handle the heat like I used to. I just couldn't live in those temperatures on a regular basis!!!
    Such awesome scores! I love the jar, and didn't have a clue they were anything special!!! I just would have bought it just for the colour! Love the orange beads too!
    The gold necklace and the red/white/blue necklace are the standouts for me, and the tray si also very sweet! I see Kitty has a Babmi tray like that, for sale I think.....!!!
    Many medications can result in weight increase. Bummer, darling. XXX

  6. Ah, better to be bigger with a good ticker than otherwise. Sorry that you have to go through that! And the heat there is off the charts. How can that be possible?
    At least you have thrifting to keep you focused and those treasures are certainly a good payoff. Knitted hangers used to drive me batty, but now I love them. And I love the sweet bird tray.

  7. We've been wondering where our Summer is here in the south, but I think it's going to hit us with a vengeance in the next few days. My goodness you scored some fab finds. I am yet to go a hunting this year.

  8. 115F?!?!?! HECK NO!!! You guys are reaching hot temps there and we're hitting rock bottom record breaking winter temps here. Oh, this crazy planet called Earth.

  9. Wow - I forget how hot Queensland can get, I think I would melt - or at least not be able to do ANYTHING....I hope its cooler for you now. I love that green jar - so glad you found another one :D


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