Friday, 30 August 2013

Unchristened Coat

I really love this old green coat. It cost me $3 from my favourite nursing home op shop. It's very old from what I can tell, & it must have had a previous life in the theater, because there are some palm cards with lines from a play in the pocket. I haven't ever worn the coat because it just doesn't get cold enough (for me anyway!) here in Queensland. But she is a much loved part of my collection regardless.

Outfit Details.....

Stanley's coat - Op shopped
Vintage rose dress - Gifted by lovely Chris of Remember When
Green enamel brooch - Etsy
Red bling ring - from my childhood
Green ring - Op shopped
Gold bangle - Auckland Textile Fair
Old red bag - Local markets for 50cents
Boots & tights - Retail

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Horsea & Other Op Shopped Finds

I rarely get to garage sales, I would love to go to them more frequently, but Saturdays are often spent horizontal so that I can do something with the Captain on Sundays. They tend to be so hit & miss & rather time consuming driving from house to house. It's probably just as well really, otherwise I'd be bringing even more old stuff home with me.
 I did get to a little old man's garage sale a while back, & came home with my first pieces of Hornsea Heirloom pottery. I've become rather drawn to the retro patterns & colours. You see these pieces every now & then in op shops but they are asking fairly high prices lately. Hornsea pottery was founded by two brothers in 1949. The Heirloom range was Produced 1967 -1987 & designed by John Clappison.

I found yet another pair of Kumfs wedge sandals at Salvos for $4

A sweet green jacket with braided trim down the front
Endos Paddington

And the Captain scored with the funky-dory green polyester polo shirt which was $5.

3/4 sleeve cardigan with birds in blue

Friday, 23 August 2013

"That" Red Coat & a $2 Frock

We all know I'm in my element during winter, which seems to be well & truly over here in Queensland. Boo!! I love everything about it apart from the germs that fly around & the fact I have to be extra vigilant about that thanks so my wacky immune system. Some weeks ago I had the chance to wear my thrifted red coat. The "that no fit you" coat (thanks op shop Lady for throwing your two cents in!). Maybe she did want the coat herself. I really never would have thought I'd be wearing so much red. Not so long ago it was on the 'I don't think it suits' me list. How things have changed!

 Gratuitous garden shot.
And under the coat.....

Outfit Details.....

Grey & blue vintage dress - Secondhand shop
Red Debenhams coat - Vinnies op shop
Granny square crochet bag - Retro Metro
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Red bangle & scarf - Op shopped
Blue cardigan - Gift from my Sister
Boots, tights & red ring - Retail

Monday, 19 August 2013

Bon Voyage.......

In a little while we'll be flying over the Ditch....

To our beloved New Zealand

Our favourite place on earth

 And watching this view


 And hopefully seeing lots of these

And going to my favourite cafe

 Eating this

 With this guy

Plus these parents

And plenty of this, with the op shops mapped out

 Hopefully I'll get to visit my vintage paradise at Mayfield

 And K-Road

With packages for some special friends

as well as The Squirrels

And finally a week with our Aussie sis who married a Kiwi (and our nephew & niece)

We're super excited, & I'm just hoping my body will behave for the most part anyway (with plenty of horizontal rest days factored in). But I feel so blessed to be able to experience this beautiful country again.
I've got some posts scheduled while I'm gone so the blog won't be completely neglected, but I'll catch up with you all when we're back & I'm recovered!