Monday, 29 April 2013

As the Deer Pants for the Water

The thing I love about op shopping is that you never quite know what you might find. It's rather random, & I like it like that. Sure there are things that I'm always on the look out for, like vintage frocks, bags, accessories, linen, kitsch things & kitchen things. But there are times when you stumble across something unexpected that is destined to become a favourite, like the glorious tapestry below.

A large tapestry with two deers in a lovely frame. The only thing is I tend to focus in on the white bottom!
$5 from a Nambour op shop

I have quite a large tin collection. They are so handy for storing things in. I love the pretty picture & shape of this old tin.
From the Brisbane Antique Centre 

 I love the retro pattern of this Japanese mug from Salvos

My mum picked up this green melamine sugar bowl for me which matches these salt & pepper shakers

 An old owl trivet from Vinnies

A large & barely used leather handbag by 'Fossil'
A great size & a lovely tan patchwork leather.
Lifeline $7 (would usually retail for around $300!)

  Do you go op shopping with something particular in mind, or do you just wing it like I usually do?

Friday, 26 April 2013

Stomp My Boots Before I Go Back In

I have finally found a pair of vintage boots that I can actually walk in.....HALLELUIAH!
For someone with Nana feet like me, this is a huge achievement. Since tearing a major tendon in my foot some years ago (thanks to a decade on a potent antibiotic that weakens tendons), I now need not only flat but supportive footwear. So I was super excited to find a pair of vintage leather boots, in my size, that I can add my supportive insole into, & that I love the look of. For $8!
When I put these on I feel a bit like Miss Vanessa from Two Squirrels. She always manages to look gorgeous in vintage boots & a frock. It happened to be down to 24degrees which meant I could pull out one of my thick poly frocks. 24degrees is practically winter to Queenslanders!

The delightful Miss V

We had a coffee at our favourite hangout the WAC

Here are a few things that caught my eye.....

Outfit Details......

Finlaw frock - Freebie at a vintage sale
Geometric necklace & bird brooch - Each to Own
Vintage ring & bracelet - from my childhood
Resin ring - Dunedin
Tooled bag - Salvos
Vintage boots - Lifeline
Sunglasses - Prada

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Collection Selection.....Canisters

One of my favourite New Zealand bloggers, Op Shop Mama has started a linky party about collections.
It's a chance for us all to join in on the fun & share our collections, whatever they may be! I thought it would be a chance for any newer followers to see some of my stash that may have made an appearance before.

So obviously this is my canister collection. It all started with the set of 1950's Nally Ware which was given to me by the Captains Mum. I think they are my favourites, because of the family history, as well as the pretty colours.

 I found this 1960's Waratah wood grain effect spun aluminum canister set at a local market for $8.

 I bought this orange set at a collectables fair last year.
It was made by the British Plastic Pty Ltd

 The white set above was passed onto me by a friend of my Mum's

 And my Mum gave me the orange set for Christmas

 Old wooden canister set from a car boot market for $3

These were my first canister purchase from a collectables fair about 4 years ago. 
Forgive the dusty lids! I love the anodized green.

The pair of green canisters were from the Coolangatta Antiques Centre a few years ago

Willow faux wood grain canister from Salvos

Green plastic canister from a garage sale

Kingsley Ware biscuit barrel from Vinnies

And I have two of these Willow tin canisters from the Suitcase Rummage.

I love having my canisters on display, & they are handy for storing various bits & pieces too. Lets hope I don't come across anymore, because I have limited storage space.
Isn't that always the issue for a collector!?

Monday, 22 April 2013

Carnival Glass & Enamel Joy

I found my first piece of carnival glass at Salvos for $6. I figured it would look good as a jewellery holder. I'll buy just about anything with the excuse that it'll make a good jewellery holder.
Carnival glass is moulded or pressed glass with a pattern and always with a shiny, metallic, iridescent surface shimmer. *See below for the Wikipedia info*
This particular piece is an Indiana Pattern number 77 known by a variety of different names. King’s Crown, Crown, Thumbprint, Early American Crown and Thumbprint.

I'm using it to hold my enamel brooch collection, which I have added to recently with a couple of Etsy purchases. 

And I scored this necklace during the Each to Own sale.
When Kirst has a sale things get kinda crazy...but her jewellery is worth fighting for!

*And for more info on Carnival Glass......

"The keys to its appeal were that it looked superficially like the very much finer and very much more expensive blown iridescent glass by Tiffany, Loetz and others and also that the cheerful bright finish caught the light even in dark corners of the home.
Both functional and ornamental objects were produced in the carnival finish and patterns ranged from simple through geometric and 'cut' styles to pictorial and figurative. A wide range of colours and colour combinations were used but the most common colours accounted for a large proportion of output, so scarce colours can today command very high prices on the collector market.
Carnival glass has been known by many other names in the past: aurora glass, dope glass, rainbow glass, taffeta glass, and disparagingly as 'poor man's Tiffany'. Its current name was adopted by collectors in the 1950s from the fact that it was sometimes given as prizes at carnivals, fetes & fairgrounds. However, that can be misleading as people tend to think that all of it was distributed in this way but evidence suggests that the vast majority of it was purchased [1] by the housewife to brighten up the home at a time when only the well off could afford bright electric lighting.
Some carnival glass is still produced today although in very small quantities. At the height of its popularity in the 1920s huge volumes were produced and prices were low enough for the ordinary home to afford.
Starting at the beginning of the 20th Century Carnival Glass was eventually produced on every continent except Africa and Antarctica but largely and initially in the U.S.. All the major European glass making centres except Italy produced some and it was very popular in Australia.
Carnival glass gets its iridescent sheen from the application of metallic salts while the glass is still hot from the pressing. A final firing of the glass brings out the iridescent properties of the salts, giving carnival glass the distinct shine it is known for."

Friday, 19 April 2013

Cash or Cheque

I found this button up dress a while ago at Desiree's favourite op shop. It kind of reminds me of a bank tellers uniform. Maybe it's the colour combination? It's been a good frock to wear over this long hot summer, being sleeveless & cotton. Hopefully I won't get asked to cash any cheques.

And now for an update on op shop crush....
(You can read about it here)

I had to decide whether to avoid the op shop because of the op shop crush, or face it head on. I decided to face it & went today. I spotted op shop crush in the second room with the bric-a-brac. I thought maybe I could be sneaky & just look at the clothing & leave, & he wouldn't see me. I made my getaway & headed into the oppy next door, feeling relieved that my plan worked. Then who comes bounding in following me???? Yes he came in to the op shop next door to up the stalking flirting factor. I threw in something about my weekend plans "with my husband". I made sure I mentioned "husband" more then once. He was still looking at me like he wanted to plant one on me.
Super awkward people! Let's hope he got the hint!


Outfit Details....

Vintage dress - Aid for the Blind
Vintage belt - op shopped
Miracle necklace - Lifeline
Carved bangles - op shopped
Sarah Coventry ring - Gifted by my Michelle
Green brooch - Endos
Navy wedges - retail from Target
Sunglasses - Ray Bans