Friday, 29 March 2013

Frock Friday on the Sunny Coast

 I picked up this handmade cotton house dress on our last trip to New Zealand at my favourite shopping destination..... K-Road.
It was HUGE to begin with, but my Mum took in the side seams (thanks again Mum!).  It's such a happy print, I love the colours, & it goes with just about anything. It's like wearing a worn in textured table cloth. Super cool & comfy.

And wearing a recently thrifted Nana hat

Outfit Details........

Vintage dress - K-Road Auckland
Blue belt, crochet vest, beads, & navy hat - op shopped
Vintage bag - garage sale
Tape measure brooch - Gifted & made by Market Mumma Trudie
Navy shoes - Retail
Sunglasses - Retail

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Last Weekend of Summer

 The Captain & I are so glad we had the chance to go away for the weekend (a rare weekend off work for him), despite both of us being unwell. My hubby ended up feeling rather miserable with a sinus infection, & I was still battling my lurgy too. But despite that it was still a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We visited our "must do" op shops & found a few treasures, & I managed a swim too. It was such a hot weekend for the end of March, & the ocean was just stunning.

Here are a few of my op shop finds......

 Two handmade plastic beaded place mats
(Just like the bags I love)

A collection of cross-stitched doilies.
$1.50 for the lot! I've got grand plans to use a couple as pockets on a frock.

A navy "Sheldon" bag made in NSW with a lucky cent on the inside
Or does that really make it 19cents?

 Flying geese scarf clip

 Yep more beads & bangles!

 Gold & pink brooch

Gold ring with brown stone

A couple of new to me frocks
You can see why I needed some red beads!

And a red Nana cardigan

And I came home to find a wee handmade brooch & sweet card from our church residing Squirrels.
Thank you Miss V for thinking of me! I'm so looking forward to seeing you in August!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy

I've been saying to my hubby for some time now that I like Bavarian frocks. You know the ones with a deep neckline? Mr P thought I meant something frilly or Octoberfest-ish, but I really just mean something plunging. Or maybe I mean Edwardian? I'm not sure. I found this frock at Salvos for $5. It's been handmade, & the cotton is so crisp that it can't have been worn much. It buttons down the front & has yellow trim. The fit is pretty perfect (& of course it's green!) so I am pretty pleased to add this to my collection & I've worn it heaps already.

 Outfit Details.......


Cotton frock - Salvos
Green bird brooch - a gift from the church dwelling Squirrels 
Vintage beads - a gift from Mum
Vintage rings - Op shopped
Chunky bracelet - from treasure collecting Tam 
Vintage cross-stitch bag - PAC
Belt & shoes - Retail 
Barry M emerald nails

Pics below taken at the WAC a few weeks ago.

I must admit there's no frocking up for me today. My week long lurgy has turned into a hacking cough that seems to be stirring up my pneumonia among the other chronic infections I battle all of the time. I'm desperately trying not to cough because I am so sore from nearly barking up a lung. Looks like I need extra antibiotics on top of the ones I'm on every day. No wonder I'm such a germ-a-phobe! Fingers crossed I'm well enough to go away this weekend.
Oh & some good news.....I became an Aunty for the 7th & final time today, to a wee Aussie/Kiwi baby girl named Summer!  A huge congratulations to my best friend, the Captains sister & hubby!

I'm posting this song because it's been stuck in my head lately! 
Happy Friday!


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Frock Up Brisbane Fair

One of my favourite vintage clothing fairs was on this past weekend in Brisbane, The Way We Wear Fair. I really enjoy the laid back vibe of this twice yearly fair, & it's always delightful to see some of my favourite sellers like....

The prices are very reasonable, with plenty of cheaper items as well as beautiful quality & pricier ones. I came down with the Captains lurgy last week, so my plans to attend on Saturday were thwarted, as I just wasn't well enough to attend even with my Mum driving. But I was thankful to get there on Sunday. The Captain was going to drop me off, but seeing as I scored a double pass from the lovely Chris, he thought he would join me for a look. I didn't expect him to stay the entire time, but he was happily trying on shirts, hats & shoes, & getting into the vintage vibe. I am one lucky girl to have a husband who enjoys these things almost as much as I do!

 Glorious nic nacs & stall from Remember When

It was a bit of a shame that attendance seemed down this year, & the heat was stifling on Sunday, which didn't really lend itself to trying on vintage clothing. But I soldered on & came home with just a few things.

 I bought this DIVOOON plastic beaded bag from Vintage Hippy
The colour combo of orange & green is perfection!
If this bag were a man I'd marry it & have little beaded babies together. 

 A lolly pink Grace Bros cardigan

And I did purchase a frock that needs some surgery, but it feels like wearing a soft flannelette sheet, which will be perfect when the weather cools down a bit. And the Captain purchased a long sleeved cowboy shirt. I'm laying low this week trying to get over this bug I have, as we are hoping to go away for the weekend. And we all know I must preserve my strength for op shopping!
Priorities people!

Outfit Details......

Vintage frock - Ebay USA
Beaded bag - Salvos
Bead necklace & carved bangles - Vinnies
Enamel flower brooch - Etsy
Orange wedges - Retail
50's Sunglasses - Ebay