Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

 I've always been fascinated with taking a sticky beak into peoples wardrobes. I remember playing in one of my Mum's friends wardrobes when I was a girl, she had the most amazing shoe collection, & because this particular lady was very petite her shoes fit me. It was so wonderful trying them on & pretending I was all grown up & glamorous. (Pic above is the DIVINE wardrobe/room from the girls at Oh So Lovely Vintage)
I dream of playing dress ups in some fellow blog friends wardrobes Sarah's, Helga's, Curtise's & that of our world famous Vix. I admire these ladies style, & I am often left drooling over their selection of amazing frocks. So I thought that if you are a sticky beak like me, you might be interested in seeing where I store my clothing collection. I am rather fortunate to have 3 large built in wardrobes, so apart from our main wardrobe in the bedroom, of which I have 2/3 of the space, to Mr P's 1/3, I also have flow over into the other two wardrobes as well, & I can move things around as the seasons change.

 This is obviously the frock section, with shoes down the bottom, & a vertical hanging storage thingo which contains extra shoes, bras, slips & tights.

 I LOVE playing dress ups with my own clothes. It's like having my very own vintage shop!

 This is the cardigan area. I don't tend to wear 'jumpers' (or sweaters) but I do have quite a few cardigans in both long & short sleeves. Jeans & pants are up there too, although I rarely wear them anymore. I'm thinking I need some sort of basket system where I can colour code the cardi's for easier access.

 Above middle & right is my 'vintage' cardigan collection. I think the most expensive was around $3.

 The other side of the wardrobe with tops & jackets, shoes & underwear.

So there you have it. Well the main part anyway. I do like to try to keep things organized & tidy. Although I have a lot of clothes, I spend less now then I did when I only bought at retail stores.
If you are interested in shopping from my wardrobe, you can check out some vintage clothing I have for sale at my Facebook  page. The most fabularse Misfit ever, Sarah has just posted in a couple of my frocks here. They look AMAZING on her!

 I would love to take a peek in your wardrobe too. Is that strange???

Monday, 25 February 2013

Kitsch in the Kitchen

I am always on the look out for kitsch stuff to add to my kitchen. Although we don't have a humungous kitchen, I continue to find room by getting rid of the boring newer stuff, & filling it's place with the old. 
Out with the new & in with the old is my motto!
Here are a few recent op shop finds.

Hello Mr Owl!!!
Isn't he just the sweetest?? 
And he just happens to match my kitchen owl plaque from lovely Tam
The spoons even have the original stickers still on.
Happy 'Hoots' to me!

Above is my owl from Tam

Some new to me vintage Pyrex bowls, just like my Mums.
$1 each Vinnies

A bakelite Kingsley-ware snack jar
$2 Vinnies

I've stopped adding to my tea cup collection, but when I saw 'Royal Albert' Country Roses for a few dollars I gave into temptation.

So ugly it's kitsch Japanese fish platter wall plate
50cents Salvos

A sweet wee Japanese egg cup....not sure why I'm drawn to these when I never eat boiled eggs! It must be a bird thing.
I paid 50cents & I recently saw him at the WAC for $15.....go figure!

Salt & pepper shaker set 'Pennine' by Wedgewood
$1 from Salvos

 I'm not too sure if my love affair with kitsch kitchen stuff will ever end. I guess the only thing that will stop me is lack of space, isn't that always the problem for a collector!?

Do you have a favourite vintage piece in your kitchen?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Eumundi Frock Friday

This is my first ever non vintage frock'll forgive me wont you??? I honestly rarely wear anything 'non' vintage these days, I almost feel naked without it, but this frock is suited to holidays. I bought this cotton dress from the Eumundi Markets a year ago. It's made by Boom Shankar who are based in Noosa. I like the cut of this dress, & of course the bird print in a stretch cotton. These pics were taken on a not so sunny day on the Sunshine Coast.

Outfit Details.......

 Cotton dress -  Boom Shankar
Vintage scarf - no idea where or when!
Bird brooch - gifted by the Sweetest Squirrel Miss V
Green & silver necklace - Retail in NZ by Max
Black vintage pendant, bangle & two vintage rings - all op shopped
Shoes - Retail
Sunnies - Ray Bans  

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rings and Shiny Things

I think we all know by now that accessories are a major weakness of mine...can a girl have too many??? Here are some recent additions to my ever growing collection, most of which were found at various Sunshine Coast op shops.

This set was from a USA Etsy seller. The entire cost was $7 including postage!

Old + Enamel = Happiness!

Old brooch

Old carved (bakelite?) bangles $1 each

Blue bangles 20cents each

Navy & white earrings - Lifeline
Green button earrings - Dolly Did It @ Eumundi

Various vintage rings
Most expensive was $3

Hubby's first cufflinks $1

Agate brooch/pendant
Buderim Op Shop

Green old man driving cap $1

A sweet little gold bracelet 

And finally because all of these accessories need to find a home, another spoon rack to display some necklaces....I quite like the design of this one

A happy nook in our bedroom

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Summer Holiday

We have finally returned home from our holiday at the Sunshine Coast. We had a delightful time away, despite Cyclone Oswald paying us a visit & turning on some furious weather. Thankfully it cleared after the first week & we had  some glorious dips in the ocean, coffees, food, markets & it goes without saying......op shops! We spent a few days in Noosa with my parents, but the rest of the time was spent at the humble bach. 

The Noosa views
& Mooloolaba Beach

A new groovy cafe called 'The Pocket'

The famous Eumundi Markets & the pretty frocks from the Boom Shankar stall

 The locals little secret

 And some car eye candy, because vintage cars make me smile.

 Now we're home I've got some blog reading (& commenting) to catchup on, lots of frocks to list on Ebay, a secret squirrel project in the works, as well as the usual rounds of tests & appointments, & of course a few thrifted finds to show you. You know I never come home empty handed! So hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things soon! Xx