Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Kitschmas!

I wanted to wish all of my followers and friends a very Merry Christmas.
Blogging this year has been an absolute delight and I love reading your comments as well as your blogs.
I am blessed to call many of you friends. 
The Captain and I are spending the day tomorrow between our two families. Lunch with my crew and dinner with his. He scores two days off in a row, so we'll be laying low post Christmas while I recover.
Somehow I doubt I'll be matching the excitement of Christmas in the 80's....the Barbie bus and Fuzzy Pumper year was mega! But the Captain is giving me my very first GHD straightening iron so I'm feeling rather spoilt. Hopefully that will banish the frizz in the cooler months anyway.

(Above is a Christmas deer bell I picked up at Vinnies for $1)

Instead of my usual op shop finds post, I thought I'd share a few gifts that I've received from real life friends as well as virtual friends.

I was so touched to receive a lovely package in the mail from Allison of Just Underneath.
The colours in the lurex frock are divine!

And knowing my love for accessories Allison gifted me this faux wood-grain pendant, as well as a pretty tin to add to my collection.

Thank you so much Allison for brightening my day with such gorgeous treasures, & for entertaining us with your fabulous blog.

My bestie Miss J & I collect things for each other all year long. She knows me pretty well, & has an eye for the unusual. Here are some of the treasures she gathered for me.

Gorgeous vintage tray & two squirrel S&P shakers

And the piece-de-resistance was this unusual (it's big!) bird decanter. I've never seen anything quite like it!
Aren't those blue birds so pretty!

Even the Captain didn't miss out....he scored this vintage stool, still in original packaging.

My friend Miss G gave me this sweet Holly Hobbie plate among other things

And my friend Miss M gave me this fabulous deer brooch

Thanks again to my 'real' life friends & my blogging buddies for filling my life with sunshine & light.
Much Love to you and I hope you have a blessed Christmas time as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Xx


  1. Happy Kitschmas to you too Ms Bird Girl.
    I love that pic of you with your Chrissy haul from days gone by...I remember those Fuzzy Pumpers (although I never had one). I know there's a great pic of me with my 70's Barbie camper and tent sitting under the Christmas tree somewhere - I really need to find it (also one of me posing with Abba Arrival - a much coveted Chrissy gift from 1976(?) too...x

  2. Laughing at Kylie getting Abba's Arrival for Christmas in 1976 - I did too!
    You deserve to be thoroughly spoilt with vintage treasures, Leisa. Love that dress from Allison, it's a beauty! And of course Vintage Bird Girl has to have blue birds!
    Hope you and the Captain has a gorgeous time with your respective families, Merry Christmas, love! xxxxx

  3. What lovely gifts you received from your friends. I hope that you both have the most wonderful Christmas! Enjoy yourselves! xx

  4. Merry Christmas dear friend. I feel do blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you for all your supprt and love this year and I look forward to seeing better health for us both next year. Some gorgeous gifts a testament of what a special gal you are. Enjoy your ghd 's they sure do the trick. Hope the festivities don't exhaust you too much. Much love xoxo

  5. I saw your picture! I had a Fuzzy Pumper, too. My brother and his mates were in hysterics over the name and used to roar with laughter whenever I played with it!
    Love that dress and can't wait to see you rock it!
    Have a fab Xmas! xxx

  6. Lovely pressies! Merry Christmas! xx

  7. Luscious lurex, yes, I look forward to seeing you in it too! I have no idea what a Fuzzy Pumper is but I can assure you I never had one. No wonder I'm the way I am...
    Such lovely gifts. Merry Christmas!

  8. Hope you and the Captain and your families have a lovely day! You are an absolute sweetheart and your blog is so cute and you deserve all those lovely gifts. I keep sniggering at the "Fuzzy Pumper" and hope all the excitement and celebration is not too exhausting for you, remember to put your feet up and rest. xx love

  9. your so welcome pet.....as I said that necklace called your name. much love . Al x

  10. As always, all of your treasures are fabulous! I especially LOVE the bluebirds decanter (I would steal that as quick as look at it!) and the deer brooch.

    Love, Sarah xxx


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