Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Kitchen Themed Finds

The Captain and I caught up with some dear friends who we haven't seen for AGES yesterday, & my lovely girlfriend gave me a couple of gorgeous treasures. She obviously knows my tastes VERY well.

A set of green canisters that match my orange set.
Aren't they fabulous?!

And a funky pair of pillowslips from David Jones, never opened before!
 I LOVE the faux patchwork effect and the colours.

And here are some kitchen themed things that I've found at my local op shops in recent months.....

Little forks

Double biscuit/cake tin
Nursing home op shop (a bargain at a few bucks!)

Rose-Marie design by Midwinter conserve dish circa 1958. It is square shaped with turned up corners. 

Two little conserve pots with deers
Second hand shed

More plastic pretending to be glass bowls as Op Shop Mama likes to call it! I use these to store jewellery.

 Japanese mug

Old red & cream cake tin.
Nursing home op shop


  1. Gorgeous finds....LOVE the canisters xx

  2. I wouldn't find it hard to buy you a present as I like 90 % of the same things you do. I have some very similar cocktail forks (and spoons) in pastel colours. And I have my eyes peeled for a lovely Midwinter bowl like yours.

  3. Oh my gawwwwwwwd you have scored so many AMAZING treasures my dear!!! Is that a Dyno tape reel? I love EVERYTHING. I think it's time we had a virtual tour of your home!! Pleeeeeeeeeeze. I have a dress made from the same fabric as your new pillow slips. I'll have to take a pic next time I wear it. Lovely darling, absolutely lovely!!! xoxoxo

  4. Love those cannisters! I need more cannisters! And those tiny forks are the kitschest!
    I havent been on a good Oppy Adventure for ages so im rather jealous of all these fab finds.

  5. Love those cannisters! I need more cannisters! And those tiny forks are the kitschest!
    I havent been on a good Oppy Adventure for ages so im rather jealous of all these fab finds.

  6. Gorgeous canisters and pillow cases - isn't it great when our friends know our taste so well? You've found all sorts of treasure - loving the tins, and the fact that the Midwinter dish is a "fashion shape"! xxxx

  7. The green canisters your friend gave you are fab and they match your orange ones, pretty amazing!! Loving the lovely vintage tin, the sweet forks and the gorgeous plastic bowls, they remind me of my granny's bowls we used to eat out of when we were very little. Hope you have a lovely week sweetie xoxo

  8. I think I sqealed with excitement at virtually every pic. xx

  9. I collect those mini forks, too! Can't help myself.
    There's the matching cake stand to your Midwinter plate on our stand. if only we lived closer, you could have it! xxx

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  11. Avocado green. Now there's a color trend that I dearly miss. An awesome bunch of kitchen stuff. Nicely done!

  12. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I aodre kitschen finds!!! I love ALL these things!!!!
    Cannisters are a particular weakness of mine........XXX

  13. What lovely items! I love the pillowcases and the tricksy plastic bowls!

  14. What a lovely gift from your friend! And how brilliant that they match your oranges ones! Lovely finds too, you always seem to come how with the most interesting items and dresses and such. I love that 1950's dish!

  15. Great scores! That nursing home oppie definitely provided! You are the canister queen!


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