Friday, 20 December 2013

I will squeeze the life out of you.....

A couple of weeks ago the Captain & I popped into the Brisbane Antique Centre for a coffee & a wander. In all honesty I'm not too sure about the future of this place...there are lots of empty spaces & some sellers have left, which is a shame. It just hasn't taken off like the Paddington or Woollongabba antique centers have. There is still some great stuff for sale, & I always enjoy looking at Remember When's stall.
This handmade seersucker dress was from the hoarders collection at a Sunshine Coast op shop. It doesn't feel like it's even been worn before. I'm embracing brown more, especially when it's mixed with my favourite colours green & orange.

Outfit Details......

Handmade 60's? frock - Op shopped
Tape measure brooch - One of my favourites made & gifted by gorgeous Trudie
Green & orange beads & two rings - Op shopped
Old Asian ivory bracelet - Had it for 30+ years
Beaded vintage bag - Op shopped
Shoes & belt - Retail


  1. You have just quoted one of my favourite songs - I touch your head and touch your feet! Looking sweet as always - hope you are managing to stay cool. It's too cool for me here (19 in my house) and I can't wait for it to warm up.

  2. You look lovely, that dress is pretty. Your brooch is fun too x

  3. Looking fab! That shop looks great it's a shame it's lost a couple of sellers. I love those orange cats! xx

  4. Love that dress, the bag is the perfect match and your whole outfit is

  5. Your op shops are always stacked with so many wonderful things. Love the frock and that fab tape measure brooch. Hope you had a fun day out lovely. Much love xoxo

  6. Ooh the dress is so cute and I love seersucker. I think the bag and the dress were meant to be together - with you!!

  7. I love that your sandals and necklace match. The print on that dress is great. Seersucker is so lovely to wear in the summer.

  8. I love the length of this dress on you and I'm always partial to a little retro brown. The dress is lovely with the other flashes of colour and what perfect accessories you chosen wink, wink.

    Wishing you a most lovely and special Christmas with the captain. X

  9. Gorgeous pretty frock, Leisa. You're right, I think brown needs a bit of something bright like orange or green with it to pep it up. xxxx


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