Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Final Finds Post for 2013.....Let's Make it a Big One! Jewellery Galore!

I think it's rather obvious to anyone that knows me, that I am a bit obsessed by accessories. As my Mum says, I could wear a different piece of jewellery every day of the year. I remember when I was younger, I loved to sit in Mum's bedroom & go through her jewellery drawer. Just looking at each piece & admiring them. It's something I still enjoy doing today. It's strangely ingrained in me somehow. 
I really only pick up pieces at the op shops, as long as it's cheap as chips. And hey they don't take up too much space, although our bedroom kinda looks like a jewellery store!
Here are a few recently thrifted finds.

Orange glass cut beads

Brown & yellow ring to match my brown & yellow frock

Handmade bracelet for $2, which costs $65 on the makers website

3 string beads
Community oppy

Plastic rose beads

Goldtone hinged bangle
$1 Salvos
Strangely it's exactly the same as another one I bought at an antique fair, but this one is thicker.

Goldtone & silver tone bracelets, engraved in 1974 & 1968
Church op shop

Red brooch & earring set
Church op shop

Citrine ring
A steal at a Nursing home op shop

 Vintage button brooch 
from a local market

 Orange & gold tone bracelet (one missing stone but for a dollar I don't mind!)

Sarah Coventry gold tone necklace

I bought a bag of junk jewellery because I spotted this green bracelet, & with it I got the pink & grey beads below, & the sparkly brooch pendant.

 A sweet bird brooch from my Mum for Christmas
As well as the pendant below, from my favourite handmade shop in Dunedin

Can you believe that's not even all of my jewellery finds?! 
Yep obsessed!
I think I need a 12 step program.
 Happy New Year to you all. The Captain and I are having a quiet dinner tonight at Miss J's house. 
Next year is gonna be a big one....turning the big 4-0, plus our 20th wedding anniversary among other things.
Bring it on!


  1. I am not a jewelry person by nature. Most of my jewels were gifts. But after watching this slide show I may have to join the jewelry club. That last little bird. Oh so sweet!

  2. Such gorgeous pieces. You can never have too much jewellery! Wishing you both happiness and most importantly health for the new year. Tam xoxoxo

  3. I love ogling your jewellery. You must be psychic because I just put up a new necklace holder, and have been waiting for some weekend sun to photograph it for my blog. At this rate I might be waiting weeks!

  4. Jewellery makes an outfit, I could wear the same dress for days on end (in India I do!) but having different earrings on makes it feel new.
    A great collection, love the dark bird brooch and I have the same brown and orange ring (from Helga) along with a matching pendant!
    Have a fab and happy 2014, it sounds like its going to be exciting! xxx

  5. I love the jewelry, inspires me to get hunting for some to sell :)

  6. great finds!....at least your obsession can fit in tins!....mine is chairs....oh dear!. happy 2014 my sweet, lots to celebrate!!!. Al xxxx

  7. So much loveliness! Especially touched by the dates scratched on the gold and silver bracelets, loving the Sarah Coventry, the citrine ring, and the green bracelet which caught your expert eye!
    Happy new year to you and the Captain, Leisa! xxxx

  8. Happy New Year! I hope 2014 is lovely for you. It would be amazing to look through your collection of accessories! I don't wear them anywhere near as much as I used to. Perhaps this year I should start again!

  9. You can never have too much jewelry!! Lovely collection!

  10. So many pretties! My faves are the gorgeous bird pendant and the sparkle brooch - and glass beads and the rose bead... oh, I love it all!

    Sarah xxx

  11. Oh my stars, so many lovely necklaces and bracelets. You have an eagle eye for bargains.

  12. I love accessories/jewelery too - but only the cheap and cheerful costume jewelery too! I have a little something for you (its bird related - duh!). FB me your address and I'll send it over. Also - HAPPY 2014 - I hope this is the year we finally meet!


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