Friday, 27 December 2013

80's does 50's Final Frock Friday for 2013

I bought this frock at Salvos for $6. It's a Jacqueline Eve cotton dress, and I'm assuming it's 80's era. It's very 50's in style, with a fitted bodice & full circle skirt. I wore it to go shopping at Aldi last week. I do like to dress up even for the most mundane of tasks. The man at the fruit shop liked my accessories!

 Outfit Details.....

80's cotton dress - Salvos
Enamel flower brooch - Etsy
Silver pendant - Ebay
Bangles - Op shopped
Two rings - Op shopped
Beaded bag - Salvos
Wooden shoes - Lifeline
Belt & Ray Bans - Retail

 I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas. Ours was nice, although hot and long, fitting in two family meals, which ended in a migraine from being upright too long. I'm gradually recovering, but dreading the predicted 38 degrees here in Brisbane on Sunday. If only perspiring made you loose weight, I'd be skinny in no time!


  1. If ever a dress and accessories demanded a night of dancing (in an air-conditioned hall), this is it! Gorgeous! You sweat divinely. I'm glad you're recovering.

  2. The bag is quite similar to my purple one, but way bigger! I love it, and your dress of course.

  3. Oh sweet this is a very late.....happy holiday season to you and the captain.......I am so sorry I have missed a few many days at work in a row.
    So pleased you had a lovely Christmas Day.........happy happy new year to you both.
    Oh oh the daisy brooch is prefect on the pretty.
    Love v

  4. I wish everybody got dressed up as you to visit Aldi....our local Aldi has a patronage who choose to show waaay too much flesh!. makes for great people watching but for all the wrong still giggling over the fuzzy pumper! x

  5. Love Friday frock day and this frock is another beauty. I like the idea of looking good whenever I set four our if the house, but these days I don't seem to achieve it like I used to. You look stunning!! Hope your head is feeling better?? Xxx

  6. Such a lovely daisy dress! I'm rather partial to those 80s-doing-the-50s frocks, and that one is a beauty, and perfectly accessorised, of course. Hope you're recovering from the migraine, take it easy, Leisa. xxxx

  7. Oh you look so lovely in that dress, it is beautiful! You always choose the perfect accessories too. I am the same, I make an event popping into the shops by getting all dolled up. Nothing wrong with that I think! I hope your Christmas was enjoyable, and that you recover from your migraine fast.

  8. What a lovely dress, I bet you cheered the shoppers up. Certainly more attractive than the thin leggings and fake Uggs are locals favour for the supermarket! Love your bag! xxx

  9. I love that frock! There is something I have always quite liked about the 1950s does the 80s! I'm so sorry to hear about the migraine - it get them occasionally (sometimes stress related and sometimes I have no idea why!) and they are horrible things. Wow - 38 degrees - that is very hot indeed! I can see why you enjoy the climate in this part of the world xoxo

  10. Dressing up for the mundane is what makes my world go round, darling!!!
    That AND your always awe inspiring accessorising! how DO you do it?! I demand a post depicting your gloriarse accessory collection!!!
    I was talking to my sister in Murgon the other night, and it was 35 degrees at 7 at night for goodness sake! ARGH! We've had rain, rain, rain....very dreary!
    Happy Holidays, lovely people! XXX

  11. That frock is GORGEOUS! Love the yellow brooch and the lovely bright bangle.

    Love, Sarah xxx


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