Friday, 8 November 2013

You're All That's Left to Hold Onto

I don't wear pink very often, or drop waists for that matter. This handmade dress has a kind of drop waist, but it's a perfect fit which is why I bought it. And the pink is nice & bright with a touch of blue in the paisley design. I wear this lots during summer, as it's cool & comfy without a belt. It's the kind of dress you'll find me grocery shopping in, or something mundane like that. I have worn that navy cardigan so much since I bought it from Salvos. I'm surprised by how versatile the colour navy is.

Outfit Details.....

Handmade dress - Salvos
Navy cardigan - Salvos
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Navy bangle - Op shopped
Polkadot beads - Salvos
Pink ring & shoes -  Retail @Target
Bag - Garage Sale


  1. That's a glorious shade of pink and it really suits you. Dropped waist dresses look terrible on the hanger but are so flattering on. xxx

  2. You look so lovely, love that pink bag and ring to, dee x

  3. I think you look pretty in pink!! I used to loathe it until I was about 35 and now I really love it, strange. I have countless memories of my mum wanting to get me to wear it when I was young, but I simply refused and now it is one of my favourite colours. Looking at those eyes, I know and I am sending you a big hug!! xoxo

  4. Awwww sweetie pea you look lovely. I often question pink on myself too. But you my love look lovely in pink and you're so right about navy it beats the harshness of black I think.

  5. Gorgeous colours and print. I avoid a drop waist at all costs, but I must say your dress looks lovely and really flattering on you.
    Have a lovely weekend! xxxx

  6. Darling, that frock is simply GLORIARSE!!! LOVE the clolour and the print. I'm not a fan of drop waists either, but have one that is a pink marbled print (like the flycovers in old books) that I love.
    I drool for that bag......and always love that cardi! You're a foxy wench!

  7. now that's a great outfit! I love every detail!

  8. Such a great look! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion! ♥

  9. Your navy cardi always looks sharp with its military detailing, and your pink paisley is fabulous too.

  10. I don't wear pink very often either. I'm not a massive fan of it. The dress looks fabulous on you though. That cardigan is great. I love that it looks like a marching band jacket.

  11. Looking lovely! I love pink and navy together, and you are right, it is quite a versatile colour, isn't it?
    I don't wear dropwaist dresses often either, but they are very cool in summer! Your bag is so nice too, I've been wanting a beaded bag for a long while now but have never come across any.

  12. Such a pretty pattern! I have to admit, I don't wear drop waists either, would look ridiculous with my body shape, but looks fabulous on you :D


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