Friday, 29 November 2013

Like a blister in the sun

This handmade dress is one of my finds from the Sunshine Coast. It's a cotton shift dress with pockets & a sweet collar. It's so strange when someone makes a dress in another era, & it fits like it was made for you 50 years later.

Outfit Details.....

Vintage dress - Op shopped
Red enamel brooch - had it forever
Canadian tourist bracelet - Op shopped
Red vintage ring - WAC
Green vintage ring - Op shopped
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Red shoes - Clarks
Sunglasses - Versace


  1. That dress is freaking amazing - fits you SO WELL! I want a groovy shift dress with a collar now too. I hope all of the tests you had went well?

  2. That is a perfectly fitting dress! it always intrigues me, too when I find a handmade item that seems made for me. Love the pockets and the collar.
    Have a fab weekend. xxx

  3. I love the dress and I love the bag and sandals even more. A perfect summer outfit. I'll be singing that song all day now. It always reminds me of My So Called Life xxx

  4. OOOOH I love!! If you ever want to sell that one, can I PLLLLEASE buy it! You look gorgeous in it and I am sure you wont want to sell, but knowing just how full your wardrobe is :-). Hope you have recovered from your fat overload and that the second day of blood giving went better?? You have really been in my thoughts and I hope that it was worth it and they can get the tests done. Hope you are feeling ok and enjoying the warmer weather (I know you're not a fan). Sending you much love xoxo

  5. Love love love this one it has to be my favourite you look so gorgeous with the red sandles to. dee xx

  6. love the flower pattern on your dress! perfect!
    Irene Wibowo

  7. This dress was made for you - look at the way it fits, its perfect. The details on the collar and pocket plackets are just so cute. I have been thinking of you my dear, and hope that the health things are improving. I had my own blood-test horror-story yesterday and i thought of you and thats partially why I sat back at the keyboard and blogged again. I needed to re-connect. Thank you for your lovely comment on my post. Sending you a massive big hug xx

  8. Oh that is indeed a dress destined for you, Leisa! Perfect, gorgeous colour and print and so so sweet! xxxx

  9. oh my gosh that is SUCH a cute dress! You look like a little doll!

  10. O, that frock is SUCH a sweetie! Love your brooch placement, it's pure perfection!
    It IS exciting when you find a frock that fits like it was made for you.......year and years earlier!! Kismet, is that what they call it?!

  11. Hot damn woman!!!!!! That frock WAS made for you ... it waited an awful long time and oh so patiently, but now the two of you are united, you can make beautiful music together. I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxooxoxoxox


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