Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kitsch Finds...My Favourite Kind

Oh how I love me some vintage kitsch. My heart rate quickens at the sight of it. Usually if it's bird or deer related it has to come home with me. The price range of the items below were between 20cents and $3. Cheap AND kitsch is right up my alley.

West German metal deer plaque
20cents Salvos

Japanese bird with removable wings....no idea what the point of that is! It has a 1940's feel to it.

 Red cardinal pocket wall vase

Two 'Always drink milk' mugs
Love the deer details
Makes me want some milk & cookies

1950's Redware donkeys

This was one of those odd things I couldn't leave behind
Metal bull bottle opener


  1. What a crazy assortment of stuff! I like the bull corkscrew 'cos he's mad but practical! x

  2. What a great wall vase! I also love the mugs. XXX

  3. Me too I love kitsch! I think I'm getting kitscher and kitscher actually!

    Love those mugs!

  4. Kitsch makes the world go round, honey!!! My Mama had the crane version of that first item. Who knows what happened to it! Never seen a deer one before, though.
    I so loved traipsing the same path you and the Captain went...that antiques place in Omarama was WEIRD, wasn't it?! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Now that's a great collection of kitschy oddities! Love those little mugs and the bird with removable wings! xxx

  6. Oh Kitsch is always fabulous.......those things that are just so very wrong and so very right all at the same time........it's so cool seeing your post sweet, I was going to do a kitsch post too........
    I do love miss yellow birdie very much.....the wings come off????? Why????? A mystery.
    Sending love V

  7. Everything is SUPERCUTE!!! My especial absolute favey fave is the gorgeous red cardinal... I NEVER find things like that!

    Sarah xxx

  8. eeek! those drink mik mugs are divine! what a stash! xxx


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