Wednesday, 23 October 2013

One Final Travel Post.....Auckland Adventures

Some people wonder why we travel to New Zealand over & over again. A big reason is because the Captain's sister, who is also my lifelong best friend, married a Kiwi & now lives in Auckland with two wee kiddos. So we always spend a week in Auckland with them. Another factor is travel time....I can only handle so long sitting upright, so long plane journeys just aren't suitable, unless I could travel business class! So based on travel time, climate, & affordability, family & blog friends, New Zealand is perfect. I think Auckland is a gorgeous city. I love the close proximity of things, & how many cool & quirky cafes & shopping strips there are . The city center reminds me a bit of Melbourne, & the harbour is a bit like Sydney.
Here are some pics of our final week.

Cuddles with my gorgeous niece, & her Mum below

 We always visit Circus Circus at Mount Eden for the mouth watering crepes

We spent a morning across the harbor at Devonport

We dropped in for a squizz at Amber La Vintage at Devonport, who's vintage was really well priced

And we visited the historic Chelsea Sugar Refinery, where we saw some fluffy cygnets

The Captain & his sister

On our last day we had lunch at the historic Pah Homestead at Monte Cecilia in Hillsborough, wearing my new to me jacket.

Saying goodbye to my darling sis is never easy

I did require an extra suitcase for the flight home. Thankfully I found this tartan beauty in a Matamata op shop for $2. It's soft sided so at least it was light.

Here are my Auckland purchases.....

Funky two tone platform shoes for $5 from Peachy Keen Vintage,
which is inside an amazing record shop

Bird napkin rings
Birkenhead Salvos

Salt & pepper shakers
Caimbridge Salvos

Bright green shorter style jacket
Onehunga SPCA op shop

The frocks below were from the Auckland Vintage & Textiles Fair

The two frocks above are exactly the same style, handmade in different cotton fabrics

Vintage swimsuit from the vintage fair
and some op shopped beads below

So there you have it....our 2013 Kiwi adventure!


  1. Loved sharing your travels in NZ! Your sister and the Captain's are as gorgeous as you are! Love the green jacket your wearing and dying over those platforms, the swimsuit and that cropped jacket - fabulous! xxx

  2. Look at you two chicks in your amazing coats!! I love Davenport too ... such a laid back vibe and amazing shops :). OK I NEED that swimsuit! ;) xxx

  3. O my WORD, I am oooozing envy over those heavenly frocks you scored! AND that case!!! I was excited to find a tartan case myself the other day, only the zip was broken and that still wanted a tenner for it!! I don;t think so! The little short jacket si also a sweetie. I like short jackets right now.
    I haven't been to Auckland for years, but a friend recently moved back there, so I guess a trip is in my future! I will make note of everywhere you went, as there seems to be different shops thatn I remember. Things change!
    I'm glad your sis in law married a Kiwi so we can see you annually!

  4. Whew! What an adventure! You will need a holiday from your holiday. I've loved following your jaunts in NZ and feel like I really need to visit there myself now. Love your latest finds, especially that groovy shorter green jacket and awesome bathers.

  5. So it's official - NZ is the perfect holiday destination! How lovely to spend time with your friend/sis-in-law and family, and visit such fabulous places too. And the shopping is clearly excellent! I am loving the shoes, and all the pretty frocks! xxxx

  6. Your posts always make me look at NZ differently. Having lived here all my life I kind of forget that it's actually a pretty great place. You got some awesome stuff. I love the platforms and the swimsuit.

  7. Isn't Devonport beautiful? I love the ferry ride there. You found some gorgeous vintage treasure too. So glad your holiday went well.

  8. What a lovely post - fabulous photos of you and the Captain and his sister. Is that the green jacket you got from Toffs? It looks great. So cute to see fluffy cygnets. Great dresses and vintage finds, but it is the little boy salt cellar with the blue dungarees - I have the same one, and there is a photo of another as the banner for my blog!!!!!!

  9. Peachy Keen Vintage is such a fun shop - the guy who runs it is lovely too!! I always enjoy my time in Auckland - I guess I'm a Wellingtonian at heart, but I always love visiting Auckland :)

  10. Oh you are so gorgeous in every single pic - and WHOA NELLY you both have glorious coat collections! Love all of your fab finds - especially the Josella (LOOOOOVE!) and the gorgeous pink.

    The green jacket is gorgeous too - I wonder if it originally was part of a pantsuit!

    Love, Sarah xxx

  11. That El-Jay jacket might end up a good collectors piece so hang on to it!


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