Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Northern NSW Getaway

I was so glad that we decided to join my parents down at Lennox Head for the weekend. Even though I wondered last week if I'd get there, I was able to get out & explore a bit of the area for the first time.
It's such a pretty area with gorgeous beaches, & there are plenty of op shops to explore too. We did some op shopping in Ballina, & we went to Bangalow & for a look at the monthly markets, which were HUGE. I was surprised by how large they were, with so many stalls & a great atmosphere. But my favourite thing was seeing the vintage stalls & shops in a side street, including Kitsch' n' sync & Heaths Old Wares. Both shops have some amazing stock, so many things had my heart racing!
Here are a few pics from the weekend.....


Kitsch' n' sync in Bangalow

This has to be the strangest deer salt & pepper shaker set I've ever seen.

Heaths Old Wares in Bangalow

Love that polka-dot Diana ware

I'm kicking myself that I passed up that blue glass jar thing (below) in orange a while back at an op shop for $4.

The main street of Bangalow

Beautiful Byron Bay

Here are my vintage finds from the weekend.....

1. Blue beads - Ballina Salvos
2. Mauve knuckle bone beads from my Mum
3.  Two fabric brooches
4. Brown bangle - Animal Welfare op shop

 3 hair clips made from vintage earrings
Mullumbimby Vinnies

Scarves from Ballina oppies

Scarf in my happy colours from Bangalow Markets

 Maxi dress from a garage sale near the Bangalow Markets

 New old sheet set from Kitsch' n' sync. There were 4 sets still in original packaging for $5 each, & I had a floral set in my hand, & put it down for a second to look at a tray, & another woman snatched it from under me. When she put it down to look at another set, I grabbed it back, & she said, "That's mine thank you". No thank YOU sheet cow! So I ended up with a stripe set instead.

Large circa 1920's AGEE 'Special' jar
$3 Ballina op shop


  1. Good to see you're feeling a bit better, as its such a great time of year to visit that area. But I can't believe the sheet cow-what a bloody cheek!

  2. Yay what a lovely weekend...the beach is beautiful. Can't wait to see the maxi on's a gem.
    Happiness to v
    PS yay a Agee jar....

  3. I'm glad you had energy for a weekend away and such a wonderful destination. I love, love, love Bangalow and get all dreamy when we're there about how wonderful it would be to move there. I've been to the markets before and you're right they're crazy big and the atmosphere is awesome. My hippy loving heart doesn't feel out of place there. However I have not been to Heaths before but have seen pics before, I really should make it a priority. As for your finds you've hit a bit of a mother load of goodies that you know I would love. The first and third scarves are GORGEOUS and that maxi is PERFECTION and would have had me fighting with you like a common vintage sheet stealing cow.......the dress is DEVINE.

    So glad you had a fab time you look breezy and relaxed in your first pic. Big love my gorgeous bird loving love.

  4. O, my WORD! I am fair drooling over everything here, most especially the cases and trunks and West German pottery and you in your gloriARSE frockage!!!
    Such a beautiful area too. My Daddy was bron in Uralla, somewhere in the vicinity!
    The moral of the story is to never let go of anything for a second, for thieving nasty old sods will grab it as fast as they can!!!
    So glad you were able to get yourslef sorted to make it down!

  5. wowzers! Look at all those goodies to buy! I adore your mod colorful scarf and maxi dress!

  6. Bangalow markets are amazing aren't they, I have never looked at the shops their so you have motivated me to have a bit of a look next time I visit.

  7. Isn't Bangalow such a lovely place? The boy and I go down there two or three times a year for the day and haul all his photography gear in the back. Aren't there so many great finds in Kitsch 'n' Sync and Heath's Old Wares? I love exploring the aisles of Heath's especially - there is so much to look at. The boy actually got up on a ladder and did a shoot of all those beautiful antique filing drawers behind the counter with some open and others closed.
    I must say I have not been to the Bangalow markets yet - you have inspired me! Next trip down there I'll have to date it for when it is on!
    Lovely vintage finds too!

  8. Wow - I love these fab pics so much! You look healthy and beautiful and sunshiny! And HOLY GUACAMOLE - ALL THE LUGGAGE!!! And that yellow lamp. Man, what I would give for the yellow lamp! I haven't been up to this area for many years - I lived in Lismore for a few months back in 95 - and it looks so different now. So glad you had such a fab weekend with your family.

    Big hugs,

    Sarah xxx


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