Sunday, 6 October 2013

Middle Earth....Mount Cook, Temuka & Timaru

Continuing on our New Zealand trip.......
After a wonderful 5 nights in Queenstown, it was time to venture north. On the way we stopped in at Mrs Robinson's shop at Tarras, where I spoiled myself with a special purchase of two measuring tape bangles. I do love to pick up a special memento of each trip. The shop contains all sorts of lovely home wares, fabrics, vintage & handmade delights, all in an unexpected location.

We travelled on through the beautiful & barren Lindis Pass to Omarama, where we had to stop to visit the Totara Peak antique store.

Our next destination was a remote working farm at Mount Cook called Breamer Station. We stayed in a lovely old cottage overlooking Lake Pukaki, which is the most glorious blue colour created by the glaciers that feed it.

This gorgeous fabric wall hanging was in the bathroom. I just loved the design & colours.

The views of Mount Cook, New Zealand's largest peak, were breathtaking. LOTS of photos were taken!

We drove as far as the gravel would take us to the Tasman River

We travelled on through Lake Tekapo & Fairlie, & stayed a night in Timaru, where I had an op shop fix after an entire week without them! My favourite op shop on Church Street in Timaru had closed, but we found a Salvos that was really worth visiting. We also went to Savemart, & it was one of the better ones we saw.

We stopped in Temuka (above) which is a cute town with two really good op shops, Paws & Claws & Salvos, as well as the antique store Temuka Treasures
Pics below

Here are my finds for this leg of the journey.....

$2 red unworn Kumfs shoes from a Geraldine op shop

Hexagonal tin from the Omarama antique store

$2 deer figurine
Timaru Salvos

Navy measuring tape bangles
Mrs Robinsons

Weird macrame owl
Temuka Salvos

Silver sparkly vintage cardigan
Timaru Savemart

$1 cotton bedspread with tassels & all
Timaru Salvos

And a newly started collection of New Zealand tourist spoons (thanks to the Captains suggestion)
Timaru Salvos


  1. Simply stunning photos and great op shop finds. Love the cardi xo

  2. My goodness, those photos from your travels are like postcards or photos in a book - just glorious scenery and skies, very beautiful. Always good to see you and The Captain too! The accommodation you stayed in looks gorgeous, that birdy wall hanging is wonderful.
    Love the tin and your bangles, and look, OBD! xxxx

  3. O, we live in a gorgeous country here.......!!
    Such wonderful pictures! All the glory captured.
    I love that darling little kitchen, and those measuring tape bangles are amazing! Never seen anything like them! XXX

  4. omg!!! for real!! there are places in the world that look like that!!!!! that scenery is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! love your finds especially thoose bangles and your happy smile is wonderful! it looks like heaven! x

  5. Wow, you make this country look fabulous - I went to Mount Cook just before 11yo was born, but it was cloudy and snowing :-( you make me want to go back there. Oh and do some serious op shopping in Timaru and Temuka. The wee calf is just so cute, if only they could stay that size! I love the photo of the two of you, snuggled up against the cold with the mountains behind you.

  6. Beautiful pictures! You've seen more of my country than I have!! I LOVE those measuring tape bracelets! What fun :D

  7. Your photos are brilliant - feeling guilty that I haven't been to some of those places. I have a very similar octagonal tin in GREEN! Cue evil laughter. I also bought that same deer and fawn figurine on Trade me for a lot more than that - I was robbed as I saw one in Geraldine for half what I paid. Love the owl and the bedspread too.

  8. if you don't know the blog 'norfolk exposure' yet you should go check it out....gorgeous michelle is posting about her touring around new zealand as well...find her here.

    honestly between the 2 of you i sure have wonderlust! x

  9. Stunning! Oh you make me want to go on a road trip again so badly! ha ha we are driving from Auckland to Taupo next week but somehow that's not really the same! Great scores by the way, the South Island has the most fantastic second hand stores doesn't it!

  10. I SO didn't believe those pics were real... I even had the bf come have a look and tell me if the backdrop had been photoshopped! Wow - what a stunning place! And more gorgeous treasures!! Especially love the measuring tape bangles - what a fab idea!! So glad you had such a wonderful time.

    Sarah xxx

  11. What breathtaking scenery! Love all the bits and pieces you picked up along the way, too. Especially the card! xx


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