Monday, 21 October 2013

Karangahape Makes Me Happy

The highlight during our time in Auckland is always Karangahape Road, or K Road as it's more affectionately known. Seeing as the South Island op shops didn't have much vintage that grabbed me, I wasn't sure if K Road would live up to previous visits & my high expectations. But as usual I was not disappointed. Saint Kevin's Arcade is a vintage wonderland, I could happily hang out there ever day!
Good coffee & plentiful cheap vintage....Yes Please!

St Kevins arcade....not only a beautiful old building, but it's full of vintage & other quirky shops, with lovely views toward the city center

Metro Retro....a bit hit & miss but there's nothing over $20

Some of the displays inside Aunty Mavis

We stopped at the Theatre Cafe on K Road for another caffeine hit

Nigel & Daphne is just gorgeous with all sorts of vintage goodness

Check out that amazing shirt

I was a bit tempted by this original Swirl dress, but the pinkness & the price meant I left it behind

Vintage Vixen Boutique is super cool, & a great spot for male vintage clothing

But my all time favourite store would be Search & Destroy. 
Their prices are so incredible with most items at $5 or $10.
I've never paid more then $10 for the things I've found there.

Happy face in my happy place

The all important K-Road purchases.......

1950's house dress
Search & Destroy

Osti dress
Search & Destroy

Green wool jacket & navy cardigan
Search & Destroy

Navy crimplene jacket/cardigan
Search & Destroy 
Blue & white gingham light trench
Search & Destroy

Navy frock 
The Op Shop


  1. I love St Kevin's arcade too, it is too too long since I've been there. And that wee park (Myers Park?) is a gem. Good to see you found some gorgeous dresses.

  2. nice seeing you in my favourite part of Auckland! I always end up there with my friends when I go to Auckland, so many great shops and cafes. I want to go there right now!!

  3. Lovely to see you and the captain looking so happy!! Looks like a great place to visit, I would fund it so hard not to spend a fortune. You bought some gorgeous bits and looking gorgeous as always!! Hope you're feeling ok lovely?? Xxx

  4. Lovely to see you out and about! There's certainly some great shopping opportunities in Auckland, I love the way Aunty Mavis display their stock and you look gorgeous in your slouchy hat and frock! xxx

  5. O, I adore that arcade! Looks like some new shops since I was last there....gawd, years ago!!! We did get G a great patchwork denim jacket at Vixen Vintage!!!
    Love K Road, it's the best place in Auckland, for sure!
    Fabularse scores, my darling! XXX

  6. What an amazing set of shops to browse round! The arcade looks wonderful.
    And you found some excellent bargains, the Osti and the navy frocks are my faves.
    Love your pink frock and those tan boots make me envious every time I see them - I've been looking for some which I can afford for EVER! xxxxx

  7. I haven't been there for years actually - although my Dad lives quite close to K Road... I must go there next time I'm up there.

    Love your scores. Esp the green wool jacket thing.. Happy face indeed! Love it!.

  8. Wow Search and Destroy was good for you. What awesome finds

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous time you have some good vintage shops out there. I love the white, pink and blue dress you bought. You always looks gorgeous you know what suits you. Have a lovely week, dee x

  10. HOLY GUACAMOLE AND THERE'S YOU IN THAT GLORIOUS PINK DRESS! Absolutely beautiful. Ooh so many treasures - the gingham and the green with the pink and the blue floral Osti and oh man, the men's shirt is amazing!!! How did you resist buying EVERYTHING!??

    Love yer guts! Sarah xxx


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