Friday, 11 October 2013

Happiness is a Helga Date

I am one lucky duck, getting to spend a day with Helga for the second time! It was wonderful to catch up again during our few days in Christchurch. We met at one of our favourite cafes in Addington over lunch (hello Reuben sandwich!), & went on a tour of some of Helga's local op shops, after a quick coffee with G. The op shops were having an off day (or maybe it was me), as there wasn't much to tickle my fancy, but we still had a ball trying things on & gas-bagging along the way. As well as indulging in some vintage inspiration at Buchan Street Retro.
 I wore my lime green crimplene dress for the first time in honor of the occasion, & Helga looked STUNNING in green & orange.

I really enjoyed a fossick in Tasman Traders. They don't have shops like that here in Brisbane.

Savemarts tend to be rather hit & miss & sometimes overpriced, but still worth a look in my opinion.
Below are pics from Buchan St Retro

As per usual the hours flew by far too quickly, & it was soon time for Helga to get on her bike & peddle home for band practice. We had hopes of catching up again the next day but my energy was all spent!

 Outfit Details......

Crimplene frock - My 50's Closet
Green jacket - $10 @ Retro Metro
Old brooch - belonged to my Mum
Green scarf - Gifted by Trudie
Fossil bag - Op shopped
Boots & tights - Retail


  1. Even though they are a bit over-priced, it's still fun to visit shops like Buchan St for inspiration. And of course Helga is a superb inspiration too.

  2. How fabulous to get you and Helga in the same post! You both look like goddesses in your green outfits, your coat is gorgeous and I love the frock you scored. xxxx

  3. A green theme for a meet up of two of my favourite bloggers! Don't you both look delightful? I would love to rummage and chat and drink coffee with the two of you, you both looked gorgeous. Love the pics of Helga on her bike - the glamour never ends! xxxxx

    It was SO marvellarse, and OMG just look at my ARSE! I didn;t realise it was so magnificent! Bahahaaaaaaaa!
    Really, it wa s a lovely day and I can't wait to do it again! XXX

  5. Oh happiness is seeing to gorgeous ladies like you together.....yay..........hi sweet....sorry I have been so exhausted with the shop.....and have just been looking at all your NZ posts....amazing......and you are gorgeous in all of them.
    Sending a very big squirrel V

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. ooo look,2 for the price of 1! What a blast! love it x

  8. What a glorious time you must of had together. Is it weird and stalkerish to want to have a shopping trip with Helga on a bucket list? But to be fair I'd also like to do the same nd join one of Vix's bloggers get togethers too. Loving you both sick in green and orange, I'm rather beside myself. The two of you must have done ok with your shopping looking at all those ages on ground you're both trying to manage in the photos. I seriously love your frock, but come on seriously would you expect anything less from me? X

  9. Oh wow, you both look amazing!! Its so nice seeing blogger meetups. I am loving your green dress, with the button details. xx

  10. Such a couple of dolls. What a fun day. I love the shot of you two on the street checking out your haul. Your dress is so pretty with the green coat and all that wonderful greenness.

  11. You two look fabulous together - its always going to be a super rad day with our Helga!

  12. You look so happy together and I love all the shots!! Helge looks such fun to be with. Love her cycling off. Hope your well and yes need to email sometime. No rush honey. Much love xx

  13. I love how bright and cheery Helga's outfit is! Looks like you both had a fantastic day, and I must say, I know why green is your favourite colour - you look stunning in it! xx


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