Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Finding Myself in Paradise

Continuing on with our New Zealand journey...............
The Captain & I & my lovely parents spent 5 nights in Queenstown. It's hard to beat that place for the views.....so much beauty & splendor & majesty. I'll let my photos do the talking so to speak!

Salvos is the only op shop in Queenstown.

Sunshine Bay is a picturesque, serene spot

 A trip to Queenstown isn't complete without visiting Glenorchy. 
It's got to be one of the worlds best drives.

We visited the gondola on Fathers Day

Queenstown is home to a Cookie Time shop
Mmmm cookie is good!

Can you believe there are no purchases to show you! 
You'll have to wait for my next post. 


  1. What a gorgeous place to visit. I love the snow capped mountains.

  2. Seriously the first two pics look as though you and the Captain are superimposed into the scene. Wht an amazing looking place. Also I had to chuckle in the first two pics as well the Captain appears to be wearing a lots less layers then you who is all rugged up.

  3. Just beautiful, what stunning scenery. I wanna go! xxxx

  4. Breathtaking! I've never seen scenery like it. xxx

  5. Absolutely stunning scenery! Magical!

  6. It is beautiful around there. I can't believe how blue the sky looks.

  7. Wow, your photos are amazing. I am so glad you and your family had a wonderful time. You look so cute in that hat and coat! Squee!

  8. Such beautiful pics, I'm jealous! I've only been to Queenstown once and that was for work (boo!) we are hoping to make a quick weekend trip there over summer/autumn. I'll have to get the goss from you on the best things to see and do:D

  9. Leisa what beautiful beautiful photos!! I just can look at them for hours. Wow it is so beautiful there, I need to get there one day. The photo of you with your parents is so lovely. I hope your Mum is better now after her sickness before and when she returned home. How are you feeling lovely?? Much love xoxo

  10. eeeeeek! just too gorgeous!!!!


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