Monday, 14 October 2013


We have visited Christchurch 4 times before the 2011 earthquake, & 3 times since. Apart from the weather, I have always loved the architecture. The city seemed so rich in history, so it's a bit of a shock to see so many buildings demolished, even since last year. We were still able to happily fill in the time tootling from one vintage shop to another. The Vintage Cupboard was well worth a visit. They have a mix of vintage clothing & rockabilly/repro clothing. The owner Christine was just lovely. The Ferry Road Antique Centre is a favourite of the Captains, & also on Ferry Road, Madam Butterfly's has a lovely selection of frocks & all sorts of things.

We visited the recently re-opened New Regent Street with some gorgeous window displays. I'm so glad to see it still standing among all the other demolished sites.

We stayed near the Botanic Gardens & enjoyed some time there spotting the ducklings.

Visiting Cathedral Square is a humbling experience

And my heart always aches when I see the Squirrels old abode

But there is still so much beauty about the place

I saw the car on my wish list, a Figaro in Lyttelton
And we visited the gondola

Here are the all important purchases along the way......

The cutest little grey vintage shoes, never worn.
From the Lyttelton markets

A set of metal coasters
Op shopped

A Horrockses frock, too small for me but the label was too good to leave behind
I'll be listing this one for sale so let me know if you're interested in it

Vintage beads, a gift from my Mum

A sweet 50's frock from the Vintage Cupboard

A brushed cotton dress which I intend on wearing as a jacket
Tasman Traders


  1. I also love Christchurch and those photos of the cathedral made me so sad. I am loving your orange duffel coat and your metal coasters are delightful!

  2. Fantastic photos although ruined Christchurch Cathedral does bring shivers down my spine. Gorgeous shops, fab couple and great buys! x

  3. Gorgeous finds! Love the action shot of the duck quacking - very cute!

  4. I never get tired of ducklings! the little darlings!
    Ah, so many great pix!!! It still makes me gasp when I go into the city; I still get lost!
    You got some great scores! The 50's frock is a sweetie (as is Christine!) and I'm gagging to see you wearing that amazing frock as a coat, the print and colours are just too awesome! XXX

  5. Gorgeous post! It is lovely to see the still beautiful bits of Christchurch. I think the Cathedral, although so damaged, is still beautiful; and at least it hasn't been demolished and replaced with an over priced parking lot! I so hope we get to keep it.... Great treasure hunting, love the vintage frock and coasters and who doesn't love ducklings - so sweet!

  6. Christchurch looks beautiful, although the remains of the earthquake damage is heartbreaking.
    But ducklings are good therapy for the soul, and so is treasure hunting! Love the frocks, especially the print on that last one. xxx

  7. I'm happy you showed the cathedral. I wondered what had happened to it after the earthquake. and aren't you a vision in green? You're going to look gorgeous in your skyscraper dress.

  8. That dress from the Vintage Cupboard is gorgeous. Last time I was in town I visited the squirrels old shop. It's so sad. Hopefully someone will take the building and restore it. The owner is offering it for free to whoever wants it.

  9. I love your dress/jacket - is it a dracket?

  10. Hey sweet......I still get a little teary when I see my little shop all damaged and standing unloved by herself..
    Love the blue 50's dress....very cute.....the vintage cupboard is such a great shop and Christine is just lovely. Looking gorgeous in the green V

  11. the vintage cupboard? I MUST go there immediately! so funny seeing you in my (close by) turf!

  12. That orange coat you have on goes so perfectly with all that green. I LOVE IT!!!

  13. Dear Leisa, I hope you don't mind me saying this here - but you are a legend! A lovely one.Thank you so much for your donation to my Frocktober fund last night. I squealed like a little girl when I saw we'd reached $1500, and I really appreciate your kindness and generosity.
    I love that Skyscraper frock (and its label!) and there's nothing like a little family of ducklings to make you go all gooey inside. We are planning a trip to N.Z. next year, and pics like yours make me even more excited about it. Thanks again Leisa x

  14. Lovely photos!! The wee ducklings are so cute, it is so sad to see the cathedral like that. Looks like you made some good vintage finds:)


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