Friday, 13 September 2013

Thoughts Arrive Like Butterflies

I love to visit my local nursing home op shop. The ladies there know me so well that they put any dresses they think I'll like on a rack in the sorting shed. I picked up this one with a sweet collar for $1. I love the fact they don't throw out donations unless they are unusable. Everything that's donated goes to the shop or is sent to the homeless shelters in Brisbane, unlike some of the big name charities who seem to have skip bins full of donated goods.

Outfit Details.......

Lace collar dress - $1 op shopped
Blue cardi - Gift from my Sis
Old brooch - Belonged to the Captains Mum
Blue mesh bracelet - Op shopped
Pink beaded bag - Garage sale
Ring, tights & boots - Retail


  1. Pretty, pretty! It's fun to be known well enough to have stuff tucked aside for you! There's a shop I visit like that! Happy Day!


  2. Ahh, what a sweetheart of a dress, so pretty! The lace collar is a lovely detail.
    I go in my local charity shops ALL the time, I buy regularly, and no one has ever put anything aside for me. What am I doing wrong?! xxxxx

  3. Such pretty colors for spring and that little lace collar is lovely.

  4. Love that lace collar it's simply wonderful. Looking gorgeous lovely Leisa!! Xoxo

  5. What a pretty dress, that lace collar makes it into something so special! x

  6. Very pretty. Love the lace collar and the pink purse.

  7. what a great outfit! I wish we had better thrift shops here

  8. The dress is really cute. I love the lace collar. You always have the best jewellery. That brooch is beautiful.

  9. What a lovely dress - love the lace collar. Nice to know that the local op shops look out for you :)

  10. O so sweet and pretty!
    Y'know, I visit the same oppies all the time, but never seem to get to know the ladies. They seem to change a lot, or are just not interested! Funny how it goes.

  11. I love your brooch and ring, very pretty. Bargain dress!

  12. You just seem to have that op shop magic, not that I believe in magic, being a fully paid up sceptic - maybe that's why op shop ladies don't put stuff aside for me?


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