Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sweet Dreams of St Biddies & Squirrels

The Captain & I have been planning a visit to St Biddies to visit the Squirrels for ages. On our past two trips we just weren't in the same place at the same time, so we booked this date well in advance! We love the hour journey between Dunedin & Lawrence....green, green fields, enormous hills, new lambs & simply stunning scenery.

St Biddies is just as I'd imagined. It's such a beautiful building, almost 90 years old, with rambling gardens & picturesque views. Of course it's filled with all sorts of treasures. I could have sat soaking it all up for ages. So much to look at, it's a feast for the eyes. It was such a treat to explore this beautiful place.

Of course the highlight was meeting Vanessa & Warren in the flesh, after following their blog for so long now, & corresponding for a few years. Vanessa was the reason I jumped in & started my blog. She is just as lovely as you can imagine, so sweet & full of joy. And Warren is an absolute delight too. It felt like we had known each other for ages, & we felt so at home in their company. 

Vanessa & Warren had made a delicious feast for lunch, of bacon & egg pies, salad & freshly baked bread with home made hummus. And then there were sweets.....an incredible coffee cake & Warren's freshly baked scones. I'll admit to having two slices of cake, it was so good. After sitting in the sunshine & chatting away, we went on a wee tour of the garden, had a play in Basil the camper van, & retired inside to discuss our Southland op shop route. 

With Basil Brush in Basil

Time passed by SO quickly, & with my energy flagging we said our goodbyes & made the journey back to Dunedin. Even the Captain said the Squirrels are two of the most lovely people he's ever met, & I've got to say our day at St Biddies was just perfect.

Of course gifts were exchanged, with some enamel jewellery for me & some reading material for the Captain.
On our way home we stopped to photograph the old Ewing Phosphate building along the highway. It has such wonderful character, & the farmer came out to tell us a bit of it's history.

So that's the end to one perfect day in our favourite part of the world!


  1. Such a lovely, lovely post.
    Look at all of your gorgeous smiles!
    The Squirrels and the Birdies look very nice/sweet/happy indeed.
    And St Biddies? What a heavenly place to call home.

  2. Ahh, it's so wonderful to see two of my favourite blog pals getting together! Thanks for the sneaky peek inside beautiful St. Brigid's, Vanessa and Warren have created the most amazing home. Just look at all their fabulous treasure! Delicious lunch, darling friends, delightful gifts, and lots of chat - a perfect day, I think! xxxx

  3. The print on your dress is (I'm a bit lost for words!)

  4. Fabulous, time, fabulous place, fabulous people!!! I'm not jealous at all (yeah right).xxxx.

  5. That looks like the very best kind of day! What a delicious looking spread! It's so nice to see more of the Squirrels' beautiful abode - both inside and out are spectacular, and how lovely to sit and eat outside.

  6. What a perfect day, in a perfection location, with precious company. Such gorgeous pictures and it's especially nice to see a picture of you and the captain together too. X

  7. I'm so excited to see you, The Captain, Vanessa and Warren all together at St Biddies, it's just gorgeous! xxx

  8. Oh sweet what a truly wonderful record of such a special day........thank you for your very kind words......we felt so lucky that you took the time to come to St Biddies........it was just so nice to spend time with two gorgeous sweet-peas like yourselves. Sending much love to you both. V&W

  9. first of all, i am in love with your outfit here! such a cute look with the sweater and the prints! also, your day looks so wonderful and full of fall things!

    lindsey louise


  10. How TOTALLY heavenly!!! You two are made for each other, you're such unbelieveable sweeties!

  11. Looks like such a nice and great trip!

  12. Such a lovely post Leisa and how wonderful for you to have met with your bloggy friend and inspiration! It looks like they made such a lovely effort for you and it must have been wonderful to have finally met after all this time. You look so beautiful and loving the outfit. Hope you are feeling ok?? Hows things going? Much love xoxoxo

  13. Amazing pictures, love everything I see :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls


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