Friday, 20 September 2013

Slice of Heaven

Hello my lovelies. I'm finally back from almost 4 weeks across the Ditch in New Zealand. I haven't quite known where to start with blogging. I have so many photos & so many vintage finds to share. The Captain & I had a wonderful time with my parents travelling over the South Island. I ate too much, op shopped too much, & brought home way too much (which required an extra suitcase). We soaked up the views & the countryside, & the highlight was meeting up with some of my dear blogging friends. I managed my health with lots of horizontal time, but made the most of all I could within my energy envelope. Time went too quickly, & I'm already dreaming of when we'll be back. And yes, we do consider moving there as we love it so much.

Anyhoo I thought I'd share with you our first week which was spent in Dunedin. I feel like I leave my heart there everytime. It's such a wonderful wee city with great op shops, vintage shops, cafes & architecture. And lots of cold, grey days which is just how I like it. We visited our favourite cafe Modaks, decorated with all sorts of kitsch delights. The Captain used to work with the owner Scarlett so it's always nice to catchup with her.

I visited all of the op shops in the city centre. 
My three favourites would be
Shop on Carroll
The Hospice Shop on Hanover St
and Toffs (with it's famous $2 section)

The ladies at the Op Shop on Carroll were so lovely, & invited me to look through their stock in the back rooms. This op shop is decorated beautifully, just like a vintage store. Their prices can be a little higher but they are more selective about what they sell, which means you don't have to sift through lots of crap to find one nice vintage piece. I bought two frocks here, & can you believe as I was trying on the yellow & brown frock (below), they told me someone else had come into the store for a second time to buy the dress, but they couldn't find it (because it was on display in the window). Anyway that person was the one & only Vanessa of Two Squirrels! Vanessa lives an hour away but we both tried on the exact same frock. Small world hey!

I also bought this simple green crimplene type fabric frock from the op shop on Carroll.
It's actually quite bright.

I bought two vintage swimsuits at the Hospice shop. The navy & light blue ones at the front of the photo. Vintage togs are hard to find here in Queensland. I think it's because we wear out our togs, as opposed to Kiwis who probably don't. I didn't anticipate finding four pairs though!

I also got this vivid green light jacket at the Presbyterian op shop St Andrews Street. 
It's a really nice cut & was only $5.

And Toffs came through with a couple of finds. 
An orange vintage wool cardigan for $2 & the green Osti dress below

 The Osti dress was calling my, stripes and floral in a super light triacetate fabric.

I found this rooster salt & pepper cart from Weir Furnishings on St Andrew Street. It matches a deer one that I bought in NZ last year.

We visited ReStore but came away empty handed. It's a treasure trove of all sorts of things & I'd say it's a good place to visit regularly.

Above is the nic-nac wall at ReStore

We took a drive to Port Chalmers & visited a few vintage shops, including a Box of Birds

This sweet blue Morris Minor was parked outside our place. My parents had a Morris when I was younger & I'd love to own one again.

I was lucky enough to spend a morning with the lovely Penny-Rose. We had brunch at Modaks & exchanged parcels of delight, & went to her favourite haunt Toffs for a spot of op shopping. It's the second time we've met, & the Captain & I had a wonderful time catching up with her again. I honestly can't wait until we can do it again. I'm so grateful for the friendships that have come through blogging. It's been one of the unexpected blessings of blogging, that's for sure.

Penny-Rose spoiled me with some gorgeous NZ vintage gifts...... including this mint green crimplene jacket, a vintage scarf & a double sided apron, a Kiwi kitsch stamp pendant & a handmade (by her!) brooch, all stored in a cotton bag.

My next post will be a run down on our day at St Biddies with the Squirrels, & our continued adventures on the South Island. I've got lots of blog reading to catch up on. Hopefully I'll see you soon!


  1. So jealous - just another reason I really need to visit NZ

  2. Be still my beating heart - it's so nice to see someone who really gets Dunedin. I love that brown patchwork dress, and the green Osti frock, the swirly togs, the orange cardi, the cotton bag. I used to have a blue Morrie Minor just like that! Penny-Rose is lovely isn't she? Let's call you an honorary Kiwi, like Sarah almost is now!

  3. Oh sweet you are home!!!!!!! I have been so excited to see all your wonderful adventure........we just loved meeting you both....thank you so much for coming out to Biddies.......and for a truly gorgeous gifts.
    Ahhhh the dress from Shop on Carroll was so meant to be yours.......I am sure it's amazing on you.
    Have a wonderful weekend......much love from a very tried and exhausted squirrel. Love V

  4. You got so many goodies and how much cheaper are NZ prices compared to here. Cant wait to hear more about your trip.

  5. Oh my word, photograph after photograph of treasures. This looks like my kind of shopping trip. I love the green blazer xx

  6. So happy to hear you had a wonderful trip, Leisa. And just look at all the fabulous treasures you cam home with!. Love the brown/yellow patchwork frock which you and Vanessa both had your eye on, and the green jacket. It's always a treat to meet up with fellow bloggers, and Lucy gave you some delightful gifts. Lucky you! xxxx

  7. Hello lovely. Welcome back, wow four weeks that is such a long time. I hope you are feeling well and have managed to survive the trip home? Your first week looks amazing and I can completely see why you needed another suitcase. I love the bits you got and you look so beautiful in all the photo's. I am still trying to recover and suspect it will take a little while, but it is all well worth it!! Much love xoxox

  8. I always love Dunedin - such a great place to visit. I love all your treasures, I need a trip to Dunedin for the oppies alone CLEARLY! I do love a good blogger meet up, you two look quite chuffed :D I can't wait to see more of your Kiwi adventures :D

  9. WOAH! Everything you got as I saw the pics I was like, "I want that. I want that too. I want that. Love it. I want that." LOL!!!

  10. It's amazing what you packed (in more ways than one) in whilst you were here.
    I can see that I seriously need to think about visiting Dunedin, it's been years, and the oppies seem to have stepped it up a notch! You got some fantastic scores, I'm really rather envious!

  11. Wow, four pairs of vintage togs. That's a great score. I love the light blue ones. I've never been to Dunedin. Obviously I need to get down there and check out the op shops.

  12. I'm finally getting around to check on your adventures. Oh Mrs you've had a most wonderful time haven't you. What a tease of wondrous delights all the dresses are wonderful and ones I would happily don myself. Oh and the green jacket with the black piping is rather cool and preppy.

    I'm glad your health held up and you moderated it with rest. Looking forward to catch ups very soon. X


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