Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Linen & Other Thrifted Finds

Here are some old op shopped finds from ages ago......

A couple of retro-tastic tea towels from Lifeline

Wee bird doily

A vintage pillow cases from my local church op shop......

A vintage bed sheet....I could see this as a summer maxi skirt.

 And a lovely crochet bed runner for $3

Light pink vintage slip with embroidered birds for free

3 New Zealand patterns from the 1970's from a church op shop for a total of 50cents.

I really like the look of the simple shift dress above, which I would have to have in green I think.


  1. That floral tea towel is AMAZING! Also love the vintage pillowcase and sheet. Nice finds... as always!
    You should link this post up to our Spring has Sprung linky over at Lil Pip Designs xo

  2. lots of great vintage patterns there! I just go crazy for all the 70's style stuff!

  3. Oh I love that wee dolie! I am so glad you picked it up - I always feel sad when I see embroidery at an oppie (I mean someone put real effort into creating it, seems so sad it will end up in a oppie lacking love) so I am so glad you picked it up. Also *squee* vintage patterns....how I love them :D

  4. I agree with Trees (but the saddest thing of all is an unfinished embroidery!) I love your linen collection.

  5. I do like the pretty floral of the pillow case. x

  6. Oh my I WANT and NEED everything from this week's op find. Absolutely LOVELY! Sending you much love xoxo

  7. Ooo, so much lovely pattern and colour!
    The frock patterns are terrific, definetly the shift in green, darling! XXX

  8. Fabulous linens, love that bright floral sheet and the tea towels. Great patterns too, I do like a square neckline on a frock! xxx

  9. the second tea towel with the flowers is so gorgeous to me, I would wear it! I don't know how, but I'd find a way!


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