Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Little West German, Burros & Stuff

West German pottery has really grown on me lately. I can't say I used to notice it much, but my eyes are peeled for it these days. I found this mini fat lava vase made by Scheurich in the 1960's at a Lifeline store.
She's rather sweet & dainty for a piece of chunky pottery.

Orange glass lidded thingo....I think my Nana had one for cotton buds in her bathroom
(I know what you're thinking)

I've been on the look out for an old red ring, & found this one at the WAC
Isn't the box sweet?!

And how weird that I found two donkey burros in different oppy's during the same week. My collection now stands at 5.

The above burro is a bit zebra like, while the one below has crazy eyes


  1. that donkey has been going a bit hard on the caffine i think!

  2. Yay the German vase is fabulous and yes it does match our vase.....what a great find.
    Love Mr Crazy eyes donkey.
    Love V

  3. I'm sure it is mandatory for donkeys to have crazy eyes....

  4. Whoa, has that donkey had a facelift?

  5. I love your donkeys, I have a collection of elephants I adore them.

  6. Oooh, I am LOVING these finds! It's been so long since I caught one of your posts, but I'm glad I'm back on board with blogging now. Looks like i've missed out on a lot!

  7. The crazy eyed donkey made me laugh.
    I'm on the lookout now too for West German pottery.

  8. Love that orange glass lidded jar, and the ring.
    Crazy donkey eyes! I'm not sure about the West German pottery, I see quite a lot of it about, very expensive though, and I'm not convinced it's my favourite, but I know I'm a lone voice...! xxxx

  9. Donkeys are my next favourite to Bambi, even though I only have one burro. Both of yours are adorable. I love the red ring - that was a great find. Not sure about the pottery, its nice, but I am more a glass kind of girl.

  10. That last burro looks like it's on drugs!
    I've recently found love for West German pottery, and picked myself up a pearler on Trade Me a wee while back. I'd love to collect it, but it's pretty pricey!! The ring is indeed gorgeous, as is the box, and G would drool over that orange glass jar thingy! XXX

  11. Great finds love the ring and those little donkeys are lovely I have a couple myself. I fell in love with 2 West German vases myself early in the year which is unusual for me as I think they can be masculine some of them love yours those pretty with the pink glaze. dee xx

  12. That ring is really bizarre and fantastic, what a bargain too. I always love a good west german pot and that vintage glass too, great colour xx

  13. I LOVE that kind of pottery!!! And that donkey is... special... he looks like a bunny hybrid HAHAHA


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