Friday, 27 September 2013

Southland Style, Frock Friday & Finds

Continuing on our New Zealand adventures........After spending 5 nights in Dunedin, we journeyed to the southern town of Invercargill for the first time. We were keen to drive along the Catlins, a scenic coastal route & to visit the Nugget Point Lighthouse. We stopped in at the Milton on the way where I picked up two old cameras at the hospice op shop. I asked how much, & the lady said, whatever I wanted to pay! I also bought a 1940's Japanese made bird ornament from one of the Antique Stores. Of course I had to get my photo taken in front of the Squirrels new abode too.

Milton Salvation Army store

The new nest for Two Squirrels Vintage

Quintessential  sheep along the road to Nugget Point 

It was quite a walk to the Lighthouse, I didn't make it the whole way because I had to make sure my legs could carry me back, but I was pretty pleased with how far I got.
There are lots of picturesque lookouts along the Catlins, like Florence Hill lookout below.

My main reason for going all the way to Invercargill was to visit the op shops....we all know my priorities! There are around 20? op shops in the area, but I must have been there on an off week, because there wasn't much to tempt me, especially when it comes to vintage clothing.
My favourite op shops in Invercargill would be the Salvation Army store on Yarrow Street, the Hospice shop on Yarrow Street, and the Orphans Aid op shop on Spey Street. These op shops are big, & have lots of potential.

The antique store 'Hubbers Emporium' is packed full of treasures in the centre of town.

We explored Queens Park on a cold morning. I was so happy feeling the brisk air on my face & talking to the birds.

Outfit Details.....

Green vintage dress - Shop on Carroll Dunedin
Orange coat - Retail from Target
Green beanie - Hand knitted op shop find
Scarf, gloves, tights & boots - Retail
Fossil bag - Endos op shop
Sunnies - Ray Bans

I met some feathered friends at the bird enclosure in Queens Park
Fantastic and it's FREE!
And I found my dream house in the seaside town of Riverton

We travelled through Gore on our way to Queenstown

The cafe we stopped at had a lovely vintage display of mirrors & coffee sets

The Flemings "Creamoata Mill" is an iconic local building which was a rolled oats factory until 2008

Gore has two op shops, a Salvos & the Hospice frocks to be found, do they not wear frocks down South?

We had a Jimmy's Pie at Roxburgh, & a look at the only remaining op shop. My favourite Rox op shop had closed about 6 months before....Boo

And here are my purchases along the way.......

2 vintage cameras & 1940's ornament from Milton

An Air New Zealand Junior Jets bag for $4.....the Captain loving all things aeronautical was pleased by this find!
Orphans Aid op shop

70's folding bag just like one my Mum had
50cents Hospice shop

A couple of sweet saucers from a freebie bin
A bit crazed but I don't care
A little church oppy in Invercargill

Orange & green beads, because I don't have any orange AND green beads!
Invercargill Salvos

Old red carved bangle
Savemart Invercargill

A card box for my jewellery finds
$1 at Salvos

Brand new Fossil bag with tags
$5 Salvos

Wood & porcelain pendant from a church op shop

Dancing lady bracelet
Hospice op shop

An unexpected find at the Hospice shop in Gore....bird brooch with green bling!
The catch indicates it's quite old.
So me!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sweet Dreams of St Biddies & Squirrels

The Captain & I have been planning a visit to St Biddies to visit the Squirrels for ages. On our past two trips we just weren't in the same place at the same time, so we booked this date well in advance! We love the hour journey between Dunedin &, green fields, enormous hills, new lambs & simply stunning scenery.

St Biddies is just as I'd imagined. It's such a beautiful building, almost 90 years old, with rambling gardens & picturesque views. Of course it's filled with all sorts of treasures. I could have sat soaking it all up for ages. So much to look at, it's a feast for the eyes. It was such a treat to explore this beautiful place.

Of course the highlight was meeting Vanessa & Warren in the flesh, after following their blog for so long now, & corresponding for a few years. Vanessa was the reason I jumped in & started my blog. She is just as lovely as you can imagine, so sweet & full of joy. And Warren is an absolute delight too. It felt like we had known each other for ages, & we felt so at home in their company. 

Vanessa & Warren had made a delicious feast for lunch, of bacon & egg pies, salad & freshly baked bread with home made hummus. And then there were incredible coffee cake & Warren's freshly baked scones. I'll admit to having two slices of cake, it was so good. After sitting in the sunshine & chatting away, we went on a wee tour of the garden, had a play in Basil the camper van, & retired inside to discuss our Southland op shop route. 

With Basil Brush in Basil

Time passed by SO quickly, & with my energy flagging we said our goodbyes & made the journey back to Dunedin. Even the Captain said the Squirrels are two of the most lovely people he's ever met, & I've got to say our day at St Biddies was just perfect.

Of course gifts were exchanged, with some enamel jewellery for me & some reading material for the Captain.
On our way home we stopped to photograph the old Ewing Phosphate building along the highway. It has such wonderful character, & the farmer came out to tell us a bit of it's history.

So that's the end to one perfect day in our favourite part of the world!