Friday, 30 August 2013

Unchristened Coat

I really love this old green coat. It cost me $3 from my favourite nursing home op shop. It's very old from what I can tell, & it must have had a previous life in the theater, because there are some palm cards with lines from a play in the pocket. I haven't ever worn the coat because it just doesn't get cold enough (for me anyway!) here in Queensland. But she is a much loved part of my collection regardless.

Outfit Details.....

Stanley's coat - Op shopped
Vintage rose dress - Gifted by lovely Chris of Remember When
Green enamel brooch - Etsy
Red bling ring - from my childhood
Green ring - Op shopped
Gold bangle - Auckland Textile Fair
Old red bag - Local markets for 50cents
Boots & tights - Retail


  1. Oh my gosh that is the best coat ever!!!!!! I just love it so so so much.......looks like a late 40's early 50's sweet. It looks amazing on you.
    Very pretty dress and the flower brooch is a stunner.
    Love V

  2. Two Squirrels said it all really!

  3. I adore that coat, even if it's rarely too cold for you to wear it in Queensland (you jammy so and so) it's an absolute beauty an fits you perfectly! x

  4. It's a beautiful coat and us lovers of vintage love the fact of a story behind what we wear ;) xx

  5. Oh yes, I can see why you love that coat, she's a beauty! Great lines and a perfect fit. xxxxx

  6. Love love love that coat, wouldn't mind owning it to be honest! I really hope that you are having a lovely time in NZ and that you are managing with it all. Sending you much love and a big hug xoxo

  7. This coat is a beauty - I love the oversized buttons and the detail on the pockets. The rose dress is gorgeous too. The coat would be perfect in Dunedin!

  8. Hiya, I can see why you love the jacket, it is just gorgeous! It definitely has a 40's look about it. Hope you are having a glorious and cold time on your holiday! Tam x

  9. Such a beautiful coat. the past three months here has been perfect coat wearing weather. x

  10. Goodness, that coat is divine, no wonder it's a favourite of yours.

  11. You do have this coat with you on your nz trip right? Because its TOTALLY cold enough for a fabulous coat like that ;)

  12. now that is a fantastic coat. The details are amazing!


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